Loss of Smell and Taste Are Main Symptoms of COVID 19

Important Symptoms Include Fatigue, Fever and Dry Cough

Loss of Smell and Taste Are Main Symptoms of Coronavirus Disease

The loss of sense of smell and taste are some of the main symptoms of COVID 19.  No official research paper is provided by the scientists, but according to the data collected from more than 400,000 infected patients of coronavirus, the sense of taste and smell are most likely affected and are classified to be the main symptoms of COVID 19.

The most important symptoms associated with the infection are fever and cough and should be consulted with the doctor once a person acquires these symptoms to test themselves if they have the virus in their bloodstream or not. If a person is having continuous coughing along with high temperature, they are strictly advised to stay at home that would help prevent further spread of the virus.

Recent study regarding COVID 19 symptoms

The researchers at King’s College gathered information about the possible main symptoms of COVID 19 to help the experts know a little more about the virus for the production of better treatment. Out of all the data collected from those people who have been infected by the virus and currently experiencing symptoms, 53% of the infected individuals had fatigue or tiredness, 29% have persistent coughing, 28% were struggling with shortness of breath, 18% had a loss of sense of smell and taste, and 10.5% were suffering from high temperature.

This data regarding the main symptoms of COVID 19 were tested on 400,000 out of which 1, 702 has tested themselves from which 579 got the positive result from having the virus, and 1, 123 people did not.

Among those individuals who have been tested positive for acquiring the infection, 59% reported of having lost their sense of smell or taste which will be added to the list as some of the main symptoms of COVID 19 that has spread across the globe, but this is not enough evidence to support this claim.

The main symptoms of COVID 19 are also the same as in the case of common flu, but to provide an extra protective measure, the general population has been urged to self isolate themselves in their home if they are suffering from the main symptoms of COVID 19, even if there is a huge probability that they do not have the virus.

The temporary loss of sense of taste and smell is not yet documented officially by the World Health Organization to be regarded as the main symptom of COVID 19, but the numbers of individuals experiencing these particular symptoms are getting more common across the globe as the infection is spreading.

World report of COVID 19

Due to COVID 19 being spread across 203 countries and territories across the world along with two international conveyances, the number of individual infected count is continuously increasing fast as 893, 995 individuals have been infected by COVID 19 up till now with 189,470 being able to fully recover back to their optimum health status but 45,050 people have also died after getting the virus in their bloodstream.

Tips to reduce the risk of infection

One of the main symptoms of COVID 19 is experiencing fatigue and tiredness, which is more likely to affect the day to day lives of the individual. So to prevent the virus from infecting you, it is encouraged for all individuals to wash their hands using soap and water for at least 20 seconds to help remove all the dirt and microorganisms from the body that might enter inside through the mouth and nose. Covering up face during coughing and sneezing by tissue or handkerchief along with frequent usage of alcohol-based hand sanitizer will prove effective in eradicating the virus from the body.

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