L’Oreal Launches Make-Up Recycling Bins

All Plastic Containers And Tubs From All Make-Up Brands Can Be Given For Recycling

All Plastic Containers And Tubs From All Make-Up Brands Can Be Given For Recycling

The world-famous cosmetics brand L’Oreal has announced to introduce specified bins for make-up recycling that would be made available in 1,000 stores in the United Kingdom in an attempt to protect the surrounding environment. The firm which produced Maybelline products is in collaboration with the recycling company TerraCycle will be installing numerous make-up recycling points which would be made available to the public in the multiple franchise branches of Superdrug, Sainsbury, Boots, and Tesco.

According to the leading role of the L’Oreal Corporation, the installation of make-up recycling points across the country is to implement a new pathway by which people would be able to develop new recycling habits in the beauty industry.

Plastic waste to be recycled and reused

After the announcement made by L’Oreal regarding the recycling of beauty products in the form of make-up recycling, Greenpeace stated that this would not be enough if the firm does not reduce their production and consumption of single-use plastic items. From Thursday, all consumers of cosmetic products can drop off all empty items from all beauty brands in the make-up recycling bins, which will be easily accessible at Superdrug and Tesco stores, whose locations can be found online too. The points for make-up recycling would be made available in Sainsbury’s and Boots by the end of this month.

Lip products, eyeliners, mascara, concealer jars and tubs, foundations, compacts, and eye shadow palettes could be added in the make-up recycling bins, while aerosol cans, nail varnish, and make-up brushes will not be acceptable. These used and empty products will then be collected from the make-up recycling bins, which are available in designated stores, which will later be sorted into categories, thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, and then recycled into small plastic pellets, which will later be used to make other products, like outdoor furniture.

High-end skincare brand Kiehl’s and The Body Shop, also owned by L’Oreal and is already providing rewards to those customers who are bringing back empty plastic products containers to the designated stores with make-up recycling joints. The country manager of L’Oreal in Ireland and the United Kingdom, Vismay Sharma, stated that by starting this initiative of make-up recycling will provide the ability to bring positive change on a large-scale.

Across the world, around 50% of the make-up wearing community does not have any knowledge that beauty items could also be recycled, which has been confirmed by a recent survey conducted by Maybelline that included 1,000 customers.

As multiple departmental stores are allowing easy access for make-up recycling points by which consumers could easily provide material for recycling in an attempt to clean nature. The firm has stated that they could also recycle mixed material products like compacts containing a mirror as well as cosmetic items that have either pumps or triggers.

Protecting the planet

Greenpeace, an environmental group, stated that make-up recycling, along with other products, could only get us specific results in the end. The head of the UK Greenpeace said that according to the data collected, the increasing amount of plastic pollution across the plastic is due to the increasing production of plastic packaging for cosmetics products while they fail to reduce their overall plastic footprint. This recent initiative to decrease the plastic footprint along with pollution by making make-up recycling points to recycle pre-used products.

Every year, above 120 billion units of packaging is being produced across the world by the beauty industry alone. According to L’Oreal, the global consumption of plastic reached a total amount of 137,000 tons last year. Due to this, they have taken a pledge to make 100% their plastic products refillable, recyclable, reusable, and compostable by the year 2025. The corporation has also dedicated around $58.2 million, which will be used for recycling and other plastic waste recycling projects.

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