Lockdown Will Be Enforced By Police: Boris Johnson

Police force will use the required means necessary to enact social distancing

Preparation for Lockdown in the UK

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, in the United Kingdom, lockdown will be enforced by police who will help limit the increasing number of confirmed cases across the country. Coronavirus whose first case was diagnosed in Wuhan, China has now been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) as the number of infected patients has crossed 399, 093 out of which 17, 365 have died and 103, 748 have recovered successfully after experiencing mild symptoms associated with COVID 19.

UK lockdown

After Boris Johnson’s statements, Britain’s lockdown will be enforced by the police that would help counter the coronavirus outbreak. This was followed up by sending a mass text message to all SIM carriers by the government on Tuesday.

The lockdown will be enforced by police across the United Kingdom after the warning of the World Health Organization regarding COVID 19 pandemic is increasing day by day as there have been 100, 000 cases have been reported in just 67 days. The lockdown would help reduce the spread of infection and a step required to eradicate the virus from the country altogether.

Throughout the United Kingdom, a lockdown will be enforced by police and will take the lead in closing down all non-essential shops, including beauty salons and clothing retail shops, which refuse to shut down during the pandemic. The biggest concern faced by the police during this time is enforcing social distancing, which might be against public consent, but this initiative is enforced to save lives and protect the country from further downfall.

Even though the UK lockdown will be enforced by police, official legislation required to enforce the lockdown has not been enacted yet. This will provide an opportunity for the police to talk to the public and urging them to stay at home except for essential travel. If the general population refuses to abide by the rules, lockdown will be enforced by police and strict action would be taken regarding those who break it.

Press release by Boris Johnson

During his press statement, Boris Johnson said that the general public would only be allowed to step outside their homes for necessary household items, a single form of exercise alone per day, medical requirements, to help someone in need of your care and to go to the workplace if absolutely required. All non-essential public places that might attract crowds have been shut down, including places of worship as the gathering of more than 2 individuals have been previously banned in the United Kingdom amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Those individuals who refuse to follow the enacted legislature will have strict action taken against them, including dispersing crowds by force or through fines. It is expected that the military would be called soon in the United Kingdom to take on some of the police work, including guarding the nuclear power station. The military would not be used for the enforcement of lockdown.

The police force, which contains 120, 000 officers will help in emergency responses and life-threatening situations as they have been prioritized over the patrols and other police functions due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The reason behind such drastic measures was overcrowding of people in subways and parks after it was announced last Friday to close all restaurants and bars and a necessary step required to limit the number of outbreaks caused by COVID 19.

It is announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson that throughout the UK, lockdown will be enforced by police amid the coronavirus, but it will come into effect as soon as the law is passed later this week. This action was forced on Johnson after the death toll of coronavirus in the United Kingdom has surpassed 335 on Monday.

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