Lockdown Is the First Step, Not a Solution

Only Preventive Measures Could Prevent the Implementation of Nationwide Lockdown

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A rapid new surge of coronavirus is being experienced in various locations across Europe, due to which their respective governments are implementing lockdown and other protective measures nationwide to prevent further transmission of the infectious pathogen that could potentially disturb the unstable economy.

It is expected that the new coronavirus cases will rise further in the upcoming winter months, during which another possible lockdown is expected to curb the local transmission of the virus.

On Monday, China publically posted their increasing positive economic growth in the second quarter for two consecutive rows. This signifies that even after suffering from the worst effects of the coronavirus pandemic, the world’s second-largest economy is able to recover in a positive way.

This success of the country’s financial system has been done after the nation’s successful experimentation for allowing domestic mass travel, which has been done as millions of individuals crossed China for the national holiday of Golden Week.

Most people across Europe believe that China was able to reduce the effects of deadly coronavirus from the nation by implementing a very strict lockdown for 76 consecutive days in the region surrounding the city of Wuhan, the central city of China in which the first traces of coronavirus was diagnosed in the city’s seafood market in November last year.

Other cities in China did not suffer from the same tough lockdown restriction; only precautionary measures were implemented.  Only in major cities of China were observed to be under lockdown to prevent local transmission of infection.

The ability of China to have successfully able to manage and control the increasing threat of coronavirus pandemic was not only due to the early effective controlling measures, but also the ability to rapidly and efficiently handles issues after the mass population was allowed to resume their daily activities across the cities of China.

The particular proficient ability of China to reduce the lockdown limit was of tracking and tracing of all potential coronavirus cases across the nation, which was done quickly after a possible surge of local infection cluster, was observed by the government, after which the local epidemic control units were brought to eradicate the patient to a safe environment.

The government of China provided its general population with a color-coded health code system, which allowed all individuals to be tracked via GPS. A green-colored bill of health, along with its QR code, was required to enter several business areas, which ensured that most individuals in the designated area are completely following through with the adopted measures that allow the government to efficiently track those areas which have suffered from a localized coronavirus outbreak.

By using these measures, the regional government was able to quickly initiate a lockdown in the area and conduct mass testing for the infectious pathogen. In the city of Qingdao, 10 million individuals were tested for the coronavirus infection in a single week; rapid measures which were taken after 12 individuals were diagnosed with the COVID-19 in the locality.

Possibility of increase of new coronavirus cases in winter

In an instance of an outbreak in China, public transport could be halted and restricted as strict monitoring is being done in all areas due to a possible new wave of coronavirus in the upcoming colder months along with the treat of another strict lockdown. Entry inside China from any other country abroad have also been restricted, along with implementing strict quarantine preventive measure soon after arrival.

The containment of the coronavirus pandemic is being assisted by widespread use of face masks and regulation of public hand hygiene, which is being strictly done by the Chinese police authorities, while the measures are also being promoted by several propaganda campaigns across the country to prevent another nationwide lockdown.

The people across Asia are more compliant towards the preventive measures imposed to limit and prevent further transmission of the coronavirus infection as compared to Europe or America, as they have previously suffered through the same outbreak of SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) in 2003 during which numerous people lost their lives.

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