Lockdown Is Being Lifted Across Europe

Countries Have Begun Reopening With Multiple Protective Measures Implied

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After seven weeks of shutdown across the continent due to the coronavirus pandemic plaguing the whole world, lockdown is being lifted across Europe in several stages. Easement in lockdown is being observed in several of the countries across Europe as the imminent threat regarding the coronavirus outbreak has reduced.

Multiple businesses and shops have started to reopen, and children are being allowed to go back to school.  Here are some of the countries which were severely affected, but are being reopened by their respective governments:

Germany; football resumes

As the lockdown is being lifted in Germany, one of the prominent acts that have resumed across the country is Football. Chancellor Angela Merkel has provided stress on the situation that if any area across Germany is observed with the surge in coronavirus cases as the lockdown is being eased, strict measures will be re-implemented to isolate the situation from growing further.

The Bundesliga football matches are scheduled to resume with no live audience on Saturday, May 16. This is the first big European football league to do as the lockdown is being lifted. Shops are allowed to reopen, provided that the area is completely sanitized, and people are following social distancing.

The educational institutes have been allowed to partially reopen for children and for taking examinations. All classes are scheduled to resume back to normal all over the summer term.

Germany’s border with France, Austria, and Switzerland has been eased from May 15, to be completely lifted on June 15. All public events such as festivals are strictly banned until August, even after lockdown is being lifted.

Easing lockdown in Italy

As lockdown is being lifted in Italy alongside several other European countries, funeral ceremony gatherings have been allowed to attend with less than 15 individuals attending after implementing a long and a strict lockdown for several weeks. Few restrictions have been previously eased in the early weeks of May as the number of new coronavirus cases has begun to decline.

Travel restrictions have also been eased from June 3 as lockdown is being lifted across the country. Restaurants and bars which were previously only offering to take away services have now reopened their facility of dine-in, which will begin from June 1, along with resuming scheduling of beauty salons and hairdressers.

Public libraries and museums, along with most retail businesses, will be allowed to reopen from May 18.  Public gatherings, including sports group training, will also be allowed from May 18, and Public church masses are also not allowed to be held before then.  Even as lockdown is being lifted across Italy, schools are not allowed to resume scheduled before September.


The implementation of coronavirus lockdown across the country of France was imposed on March 17, during which residents required to carry a travel permit by the police before travel outside. As lockdown is being lifted across France, multiple restrictions, including authorized travel permit, have also been eased.

France has been split into four red zones in which lockdown of parks and gardens, along with schools from ages 11 to 18, have been shut down for an indefinite period. The areas of the green zone in France are allowed to reopen as lockdown is being lifted after several weeks from May 18.

All businesses and retail shops have been allowed to reopen along with cemeteries are leisure centers. Restaurants and bars are not yet allowed to reopen their dine-in facility. People vulnerable to above the age of 50 are not permitted to attend the gathering of fewer than 10 people, which have been allowed by the government.

Multiple beeches across the country of France has also begun to reopen, one of the first being Brittany coasts, but under strict restrictions.

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