Leading US Media Cast Doubt on Deadly Kabul Drone Strike

No Major Secondary Blast Has Been Reported Due to The Lack of Any Significant Amount of Damage

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One of the last deadly Kabul drones strikes by the military forces of the United States during its war with Afghanistan that had been going on for the last 20 years has recently been challenged by the investigative officers that are leading in the United States media. Both the Washington Post and the New York Times have said that the strike conducted by the United States, which was targeted towards an operative of the Islamic States, had actually, in reality, killed a working aid member during the daily duties while being in Kabul.

They also said that the evidence which had been collected by them soon after the Kabul drone strike had undermined the military of the United States, and it is reported that the explosive which had been used in the car that had been targeted had resulted in a small-scale secondary blast.

US military operation

According to the Pentagon, it is currently believed that the Kabul drone strike had prevented the occurrence of an imminent threat in the region.

The Kabul drone strike in the vehicle occurred on August 29 when a Hellfire missile had been fired from a Reaper drone which resulted in the killing of 10 individuals of the same family, out of which six were children.

The United States military has been on high alert as about three days previously, and a suicide bomber had been able to victimize more than 100 innocent civilians along with 13 troops belonging to the US military while they were present outside the perimeter of the international airport in Kabul, as Afghan civilians along with officers were being evacuated by the United States amid the takeover of the Taliban over the capital city of Kabul.

The 20 years long operation in the region of Afghanistan by the foreign military troops had finally ended with the last flight of the United States military that took off on August 30.

The Post and the Times had thoroughly analyzed the video footage of the Kabul drone strike along with photographic images that were captured immediately after the airstrike and have conducted interviews of multiple witnesses and experts. The result that had been concluded suggests that there had been no explosives previously present in the vehicle, which might have caused a secondary blast on the site.

Airstrike target

It has been stated by the United States military that they were unable to identify the individual that had been targeted prior to the deadly Kabul drone strike, but it had been believed by them that he was in direct association with the Islamic State group’s Afghan branch.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman, General Mark Milley ones said that the Kabul drone strike that had been conducted by the military of the United States had been a righteous strike.

It has been confirmed by the Post and the Times that the target of this extensive airstrike was Ezmarai Ahmadi, aged 43, who had previously worked for the Nutrition and Education International (NEI), a California based aid group, and was applying to gain access into the United States for resettlement purposes.

It had been reported by the Times that the United States military believed that they were tracking a white color sedan before authorizing the launch of Kabul drone strike, which was moving from a safe-house belong to IS and intercepted their communications that led to several stops which were deemed suspicious and involved multiple collections and delivery of covered items.

According to the United States officials, before the launch of Kabul drone strike, one of the collections appeared to be containing heavy item and were most likely to be of explosive nature.

The paper also stated that they had extensively studied the security footage that had shown Mr. Ahmadi to be picking up multiple laptops along with water canisters, as there had been a shortage of drinking water in the region, which according to a colleague, had been a typical day for all.

Later it was observed that Ahmadi drove towards his residence, and it was reported by the operatives of US drone that they had seen him talking to another male individual and decided to launch the Kabul drone strike. But soon, family members gathered around, and all were killed. The youngest individual to have decided in the Kabul drone strike was only two years old.

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