Kolkata Devastated As Cyclone Kills Many People

Many People Got Killed, Millions Evacuated To Save Lives

Many People Got Killed, Millions Evacuated To Save Lives

Due to the cyclone Amphan that struck at the East Indian Bangladesh coastal border resulted in killing at least 88 individuals along with the destruction of multiple buildings. Even as the Amphan cyclone kills many people, thousands of people in the region are suffering from a massive power outage. This cyclone is the most destructive and powerful storm to hit the Bay of Bengal.

Destruction caused by cyclone Amphan

The cyclone kills many people when it hit the coast of eastern India, along with the demolition of multiple villages situated along the coastal border, along with dismantling power lines and flooding of large areas of land. The worst cyclone kills many people in West Bengal, most of which die either by electrocution or uprooted tree trunks by the high-speed cyclone.

The storm was recorded to have a speed of 185 kilometers per hour, easily uprooting multiple trees and killing every individual in its way. Mass evacuations of the inhabitants of the area were organized before the cyclone was able to create havoc on the coastline of India, saving countless lives.

After the cyclone kills many people and caused devastation to the region, multiple private and public properties were leveled, but the full extent of the damage and causalities done by the storm could only be completely recorded once the power and communication lines are restored to normal.

The city of Kolkata in India was the most affected city by cyclone Amphan, causing disruption in millions of residents of the city as water flooded the streets. In some areas, water has risen to car windows high. The impact of this storm is worse than the effects of COVID-19 on the Indian population as the cyclone kills many people when hit the West Bengal coastal border.

Latest news on Cyclone Amphan

The cyclone Amphan began its process of obliterating everything in its path from Sunderbans in the afternoon on Wednesday. The area is covered with mangroves, housing the total population of 4 million individuals. The storm then directed itself towards Kolkata in the north.

The states of Orissa and West Bengal, along with some areas of south-west Bangladesh, also got in the 185 kilometers per hour crosswinds. East Mindapore, North and South 24 Parganas were few of the most disfigured districts of West Bengal. Satkhira and Khulna, coastal villages of Bangladesh, were completely inundated, causing more than 2.5 million people to relocate prior to the cyclone hit.

An initial assessment of the damages caused by the cyclone includes blocked roads by debris along with submerged and flooded buildings.

Multiple disasters at the same time

Before the hit of the cyclone that leads to more than 88 people losing their lives, the region was suffering from the deadly pathogen of coronavirus, causing panic in the area. In India, 118,226 confirmed coronavirus cases had been diagnosed in the time duration of three months, out of which 3,584 has died after suffering from critical symptoms of the infection.

Bangladesh has also recorded 28,511 coronavirus patients across the country, with 408 deaths. 5,602 patients were successfully able to recover back to health.

The conjunction of the two crises, cyclone Amphan and coronavirus pandemic, are proving to be a challenging situation for the authorities to keep under control. The city of Kolkata has been declared as a hotspot for COVID-19 spread in the country, marking the area as a contaminated zone for which the entrance into the city has been blocked. But after cyclone kills many people along with immense flooding of the area, it is proving to be a massive issue.

Most of the general population of the region was stuck at home due to the coronavirus outbreak when the storm hit the Indian Bangladesh border, resulting in uprooted trees and traffic lights, submerged and crushed automobiles, and tilted roofs of many households.

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