Kim Jong Is Back Now

So Called Top Agencies Failed To Find Kim Jong for Many Days

So Called Top Agencies Failed To Find Kim Jong for Many Days

After multiple news circulating across the world, suggesting that the North Korean Leader is severely ill or even dead, Kim Jong is back now as he made his first public appearance after 21 days. For his first reemergence venue, Kim Jong chooses a fertilization plant’s completion ceremony in Sunchon, a city located 50 kilometers on the north side of Pyongyang.

A national television broadcast showed Kim Jong is back now, smiling, smoking cigarettes while having a relaxed talk with some of the senior officials present at the ceremony while having a tour of the fertilization plant. Even though in certain areas between the tour, Kim Jong used the facility of the golf cart for moving, but otherwise, Kim Jong has shown no signs of health deficits that he might be going through.

Disappearance of Kim Jong

Even though North Korean dictator Kim Jong is back now, during his time of disappearance for the last three weeks without any notice as resulted in an upheaval, causing everyone to question his reason for the disappearance.

Kim Jong is back now after multiple weeks of an unexplained absence, resulting in several rumors of his grave health and even death, providing a clear picture of how vulnerable the country is against misinformation. No official statement has been provided by the government of North Korea about Kim Jong’s withdrawal from the outside world.

Even as Kim Jong is back now and able to perform his normal activities as the supreme leader of North Korea,  no explanation has been given as to why Kim Jong was unable to attend an important event on April 15 state ceremonies on which the founder of North Korea’s birth anniversary is celebrated.

South Korea’s response to Kim Jong’s return

As multiple accusations have surfaced regarding Kim Jong’s health peril, South Korea has made multiple remarks to ensure that there is nothing unusual happening in North Korea. Due to these groundless reports over North Korea, it has resulted in unnecessary societal, security, and economic confusion along with the extra cost for the country even after Kim Jong is back now.

What will happen after Kim Jong’s death? 

No speculation has been provided as to what will happen to North Korea after Kim Jong’s death, should he die suddenly or become indisposed to follow through with his duties, as some rumors also suggested that Kim Jong is in a vegetative state after unsuccessful heart surgery.

Kim Jong does not have an apparent heir or being the next supreme leader of North Korea after his death, unlike Kim Jong’s ancestors. It is said that Kim Jong has three children, but they are too young to govern over a state with full authority and wisdom. Kim Jong’s younger sister Kim Yo-Jong is a potential candidate for being the heir as she is a trusted aid to the North Korean leader. There is huge skepticism regarding this decision as North Korea’s elderly generals might not answer to a young woman.

This is not the first time Kim’s dynasty has disappeared from public view for weeks and even months at some times. Each of the disappearances lead to multiple rumors of a coup, assassination attempts, or health deficits, all fueled by the lack of, inadequate information provided by the government and leadership of North Korea.

Even though Kim Jong is back now and able to perform his duties as the leader of North Korea after three weeks of absence, some of the North Korean defectors are completely sure that there is some issue regarding the health of Kim Jong as he is unable to stand up by himself and properly walk without support, opposite to the footage shown during the completion ceremony of fertilization plant which suggests that Kim Jong is in optimum health.

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