KFC and Crocs: chicken-scented shoe charms

Collaboration Unveils Something like Never Before

Collaboration Unveils Something like Never Before

There have been a large number of products produced over the last couple of decades that has compelled us to scratch our heads as to what lead to the generation of this odd, out of the box idea. It looks like for this year’s strangest collaboration; it is the turn of KFC and Crocs to provide something that is a conundrum, but still provide a perfect usage of the item along with comfort in our day to day lives that no one thought about having before.

Kentucky Fried Chicken, commonly known as KFC, is one of the largest food chains in the world have thousands of franchises in a single country giving a good ambiance and an easy accessible craving for fried chicken at all hours. KFC has been around a long time and has taken part in many collaborations with a large number of brands from all over the world for typically standard product release, but this time, it looks like that the KFC has hit the mother lode of strangest collaboration.

The Crocs is an American based shoe company with large demands of their properly ventilated, casual footwear merchandise across the globe, with around 300 million of their products being sold in a year in around 90 countries. There are specifically made from foam to provide a lightweight and comfortable to wear and a staple for your casual outfits.

This year, the collaboration between KFC and Crocs has turned a lot of head there way as there was a lot of confusion when heard regarding the design and built as there is no direct connection between something to eat and something to wear.

Design of KFC and Crocs chicken-scented shoes

The design of this product has been kind of predictable to be like the standard design of Crocs other merchandise yet innovative in many ways. The base of the Crocs resembles of a KFC’s iconic fried chicken bucket pattern on all sides made with a white Croslite foam base complete with a ventilating system along with the top covered in fried chicken print.

The co-branding label can be found on the sides of the heel strap. The heels on the Crocs feature the Kentucky Fried Chicken name on one and Colonel Sander’s head on the other. There has been a special addition of attachable lucky charms in the exact shape of fried chicken drumsticks for their uncanny resemblance and the smell of perfectly cooked golden fried chicken pieces that can provide a lingering effect in the coming heat of summer.

If you need to learn more about this product, KFC and Crocs have posted a video featuring something being deep-fried in oil for 20 minutes, which is later revealed to be the new Crocs in all their crisp magnificence. Due to this unexpected collaboration, KFC and Crocs are turned into something fun and flavorful at the same time providing the same level of comfort but with an edge and giving an illusion of wearing a fried chicken bucket on the feet.

These KFC and Crocs can be found in unisex sizes in stores and online from spring 2020 with the retail price at $59.99 and is limited edition. Consumers can also subscribe to be told immediately when the merchandise that’s rolling into the store to be the first one to get a pair. The brand has also come up with another variant to promote the collaboration of KFC and Crocs that is a platform shoe version with 4.5-inch height modeled by the global artist MLMA (Me Love Me A lot) at the New York Fashion Week that happened on February 11, 2020.

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