Key HIV vaccine dashed hopes after trial results

Key HIV vaccine trial in South Africa ends because of poor results

Key HIV vaccine trial in South Africa ends because of poor results

The HIV is a virus that causes aids in a person that is a deadly disease, and it cannot prevent by the vaccination until now, which is creating serious health concerns in the world as he person who is infected by this virus has to go through the severe health condition until the death. This virus highly affects the immune system, which makes the situation of the victim miserable. However, until now, not a single trial of key HIV vaccine has proved to be efficient for the cure or prevention of HIV. However, key HIV vaccine trial results have dashed hopes.

Recently the national institute of health stopped the trial of HVTN 702, as the experts have found that jab (new version of the first HIV vaccine) cannot prevent HIV. This study was started in 2016 on the people of South Africa, and this trial had done on more than 5000 people. South Africa is one of the world’s countries with the highest HIV rate. There were great expectations that if the vaccine would be effective for the cure of HIV, then it can be circulated in other countries to control and cure this virus.

NIH reports that dashed the Key HIV vaccine hopes

Although, all the key HIV vaccine hopes dashed by trial results when the experts did the analysis of the study last month to find out the results and discovered that 129 people who are vaccine recipients infected by HIV and the number of people who are given a dummy shot was 123. This report is presented by the National institute of health US. The report revealed that the vaccine did not protect the people who are intravenous drug addicts or sex workers as they are at high risk of HIV infection.

HIV does not make people dangerous to know, so you can shake their hands and give them a hug: Heaven knows they need it.

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However, protection shield of the vaccine was very active during the first 12 months, and after that, its effects start retreating. The positive results are statically insignificant because the people who did not take the six vaccine shot were not considered for the study. However, there was not any health or safety concern, but the sponsor of the study National institute of health found it better to stop this vaccination if it is not working efficiently.

In Thailand, this trial is named RV144, which was controversial from the very beginning because, in trials, the combinations of two vaccines are given together. Moreover, one of the vaccines has previously failed to prevent the people from HIV infection and the second vaccine was not tested alone.

Therefore, more than 16000 middle or young aged people were enrolled randomly who did not affect by HIV and receive the six shots of a vaccine over six months. When the trial ended 125, people had become HIV positive and in the latest report that was announced last month said that the 51 people out of 125 had become infected with the HIV who has been given the vaccines as compared to the 74 people who received placebo. Therefore, this vaccine deemed to be 31% statistically efficient in Thailand, but the high key HIV vaccine hopes dashed by trial results.

Prevention without vaccine

There is a long way to go to achieve a highly efficient key HIV vaccine. However, the drug treatment that is effective in preventing HIV infection is called pre-exposure prophylaxis but their regular intake is necessary. Moreover, the people who are HIV infected can increase their lifespan by having retroviral treatments, but such treatments are not available in most countries.

Therefore, the best way to stop HIV infection is to have a safe sexual relationship with your partner and go through the HIV test before getting into a matrimonial relationship to make sure that both partners are not HIV positive or any of them. As this virus travels through the blood, so never apply a used needle or the personal accessories as hair eraser, blade or shaving tools of others because you never know if this disease infects the person and this infection can transfer to your body when you use their gadgets.