K-Pop Boy Band BTS To Become Multi-Millionaires After Big Hit Entertainment Goes Public

BTS New Single Dynamite In All English Has Broken Multiple Records Globally

BTS New Single Dynamite In All English Has Broken Multiple Records Globally

BTS, also known as Bangtan Seoyeondan in Korean and Bulletproof Boy Scouts in English, is a world-famous South Korean Boy Band that has broken several records in the music industry across the globe.BTS is the first-ever idol group to be able to top the Billboard Hot 100, Billboard Global 200, and Billboard Global, excluding the USA consecutively.

All seven members of the k-pop group BTS are expected to become multi-millionaires in the upcoming months, as their label firm Big Hit entertainment is going public in the month of October.

In the recent past, there has been an escalated demand of the Big Hit Corporation shares due to which their market value has increased up to $4.1 billion; the price has been set at the top of the predictable price range. Due to this, the head of the Big Hit Entertainment, Bang Si-Hyuk, owner of 43% of the firm, will become a billionaire.

Increase in stocks of Big Hit due to k-pop group BTS

In the month of August, all seven idol members of the K-pop group BTS have been given 68,385 shares each, which has a total worth of £6.2 million. Currently, the price value per share of Big Hit is between the ranges of 105,000-135,000 won. But this value is expected to rise exponentially to about £638.3 million along with the sale of around 7.13 million new stock shares when the Big Hit entertainment is listed as a public firm on Korea’s Stock Exchange in mid-October.

The world-famous K-pop group BTS had set a recent new record on Monday, when in just under a few hours, numerous buyers were willing to buy shares, with a price demand about 1,000 times higher than the offered worth. To support their favorite boy band, ARMY fans in South Korea are hoping to buy at least one share in the Big Hit entertainment to show their support for the k-pop group BTS. This act is the largest Intellectual Property Organization in South Korea in the past three years.

This shows dedication by the fans that are also known as ARMY across the world, towards the k-pop group BTS after they were forced to stay put, and even their world tour was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. The entire existence of BTS is at stake as it is rumored that the k-pop group BTS might get disbanded after some of the older members of the group will join their compulsory military services for two-years.

During the past year, BTS alone was able to generate 97% of the entire sales by Big Hit entertainment, along with 88% this year amid the coronavirus pandemic that struck hard of South Korea along with several other countries.

Breaking World Records by K-pop group BTS

The k-pop group BTS has repeated broken several records in the music industry across the globe in their history of the past seven years despite being South-Korean Idols. In the past month of August, BTS new single Dynamite has become the most viewed music video on YouTube in the time duration of 24 hours, gaining more than 101 million views in a single day.

The k-pop group BTS has also been able to become the first-ever k-pop idol group to beat the top of the Billboard Hot 100 for seven weeks in a row. Due to this massive achievement, the President of South Korea, Moon Jae-in, stated that the k-pop group BTS is marking a new chapter in the history of K-pop.

BTS also held an online concert in the month of June due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has set another achievement in the Guinness World record for making a live music concert with the most views, as more than 756,000 ARMY fans joined to watch their idols from over 100 countries across the world.

The k-pop group BTS has credited most of their success and achievements to their international fan base, as the k-pop group BTS has also become the most-tweeted music group from the time period of March to September in the year 2020.

To show their support, BTS has also spoken in the 75th United Nations General Assembly, given a heartfelt message of love, hope and support amid the international crisis of coronavirus.

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