Joe Biden Victory in the Presidential Elections Certified By US Congress after Deadly Attack

Four Civilians Died and 14 Police Officers Have Been Injured During the Violent Riots

The Congress of the United States has certified the victory of Joe Biden in the recently held elections for the President of the United States. Few hours before the victory in the presidential elections acknowledgement for Joe Biden by the governing body of the country, the supporters for the ex-President of the United States Donald Trump stormed the building during an attack, which resulted in the death of four individuals.

Chaos in United State’s Capital:

The congressmen were able to resume the session after the local police department were able to manage in the removal of the mob, which has gathered outside after gaining encouragement from the previously appointed President Donald Trump in a bid that could help in overturning his loss.

This certification provides an official victory in the presidential elections for Joe Biden, and he would swear for his presidential position on January 20. In response to the certification, Donald Trump has now finally pledged a well-ordered transition of power from him to the one with victory in the presidential elections 2020.

The victory in the presidential elections for the Democratic Party member Joe Biden has now been confirmed during a joint conference held along with the vice president of the United States Mike Pence on Thursday at 3:30 local time. During the session, Mike Pence stated that the acts of violence experienced within the country on that day has become a dark and depressing day in the history of the capitol city of the United States.

The widespread chaos on Wednesday was a follow up for months of increasing rhetoric from Donald Trump along with some of his Republican associates that were seeking to undermine the finalized results of Joe Biden for victory in the presidential elections, which were held on November 3.

The public invasion of the followers of ex-President Trump in the United States capitol of Washington DC, out of which some individuals were armed with ammunition and firearms, have been a sorrowful event without any precedent in the history of modern America.

Donald Trump was asking the mob to turn back towards their homes, but still has continued to make false accusations and claims of fraudulent election results and Biden’s victory in the presidential elections. Due to the scene created by Trump, the social media accounts of Donald Trump, including Twitter and Facebook were frozen for temporary time duration.

Formal certification for Joe Biden

Multiple objections have been put forward by the lawmakers from the republican side in an attempt to overturn the actual results in the state of Pennsylvania and Arizona, which were both rejected by the Court. The US Congress has now formally provided certification for the finalized Electoral College vote, with Joe Biden receiving the total votes of 306, while Trump has only been able to gain 232 votes.

Shortly some time afterwards, Donald Trump stated that even though he is in complete disagreement with the outcome and Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential elections, but he would nevertheless still undergo a smooth transition for power on January 20, 2021.

According to the Mayor of Washington city Muriel Bowser, one of the four dead individuals who was a women, was part of an aggressive group that was able to access entry in to the House room through forced approach. After sudden entrance, they were immediately confronted by officers stranded across the room in plainclothes, and due to abrupt movement, one officer fired his weapon to control the violent crowd.

The woman injured in the hostile group was taken to a hospital to receive immediate but was unable to survive her wounds and died on the way. Her name was not disclosed officially, but according to the local media, the woman has been identified as the Ashli Babbit, United States Air Force veteran of the San Diego area and an avid supporter of Donald Trump.

Due to the unrest caused during the official certification of victory in the presidential elections by Joe Biden, around 14 individuals from the local police force have been injured, while two men and a woman died in the violent group of people forcing themselves inside the meeting. According to the official reports, the civilians have died due to medical emergencies.

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