Joe Biden Denies Sexual Assaults Accusations

Biden Refuses Regarding All Allegations Made Against His Behavior

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The presumptive democratic nominee for the United States 2020 elections Joe Biden denies sexual assaults accusations claimed by Tara Reade. According to Reade, Joe Biden had sexually harassed her 27 years ago when she was working for Biden as a staff assistant. The former United States President Joe Biden denies sexual assaults accusations and said that this ever happened.

Sexual harassment allegation on Biden

Joe Biden denies sexual assaults accusations, a claim filed by his former staff assistant over a presumed event that happened around 30 years ago. To prove his point, Biden has asked the Senate to search all archived files for a record that might prove any complaint of misconduct filed by Tara Reade 27 years ago.

Tara Reade filed a criminal complaint last month with the police, claiming that she has been a victim of sexual assault for safety reasons, and no name was mentioned in the complaint. The reason behind the late filing of a complaint is because the statute of limitations for the claim has expired.

Democratic nominee for elections 2020 Joe Biden denies sexual assaults accusations over an event that took place around 3 decades ago, is running against a current United States President Donald Trump, who has been previously accused by 25 women for sexual misconduct.

Joe Biden’s Statement against misconduct allegations

As Joe Biden denies sexual assaults accusations claimed by Tara Reade, the democrat gave a statement on national television. According to Joe Biden, the details surrounding the sexual allegations and assault are complicated, but despite the charges, he believes that all women deserve to be treated with utmost respect and dignity inside and outside of their workplace. If a woman comes forwards with allegations of sexual harassment, they should be heard properly and not silenced by different means along with appropriate scrutiny and inquiry of their story.

All responsible news organizations should evaluate and clearly examine the full record of inconsistencies in Reade’s story, which has continually changed in both bid and small ways. Joe Biden also emphasizes the point that Tara Reade has said she had raised this issue with her senior staff and superiors at that time, but all those people, men, and women have denied that she never raised any issue.

Multiple news organizations have talked to several former staff working at the time of the said allegation, but found no person who could justify and corroborate the situation in any way. Joe Biden denies sexual assaults accusations complete and said several times that the situation never happened.

Accusations made by Tara Reade

Joe Biden denies sexual assaults accusations made by Tara Reade over a presumed event that happened 27 years ago when she was working as a staff assistant for Biden from the time duration of 1992-93. At that time, Joe Biden was working as a senator of Delaware in the United States.

Reade said that records of Biden’s career as a US Senate for 36 years would most likely contain proof for her complaints to her senior officers regarding his misconduct behavior. The records that might contain evidence are locked up at the University of Delaware, and are not allowed to be made public two years after Joe Biden leaves public life.

No eyewitnesses have been found yet that could help account for the situation, but three people have come forward to back up the allegations made by Tara Reade. Reade’s brother, her former neighbor, and a former colleague has testified that they heard her tell them about the event shortly after it happened.

Tara Reade is one of the multiple women who came forwards over the time period of last year and has accused Joe Biden fro inappropriate behavior in the workplace, but none of them claimed it to be sexual harassment.

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