Japan PM May Declare A State Of Emergency to Avoid Coronavirus Lockdown

$1 Trillion Stimulus Package Announced By PM to Help Citizens during the Pandemic

Many Other Countries also tried to Avoid Coronavirus Lockdown

Japan PM may declare a state of emergency throughout the country to fight against COVID 19, which will help prevent the government of the country to initiate a strict lockdown amid coronavirus pandemic like multiple countries across the world who are currently suffering from the massive surge in infected patients due to not following proper preventive measures against COVID 19 before its spread across their countries.

Japan PM may declare a state of emergency in several of the major cities in the country as early as Tuesday, March 7, to help the country limit the number of infected COVID 19 patients.

Japanese government’s fight against COVID 19 pandemic

Japan PM may declare a state of emergency that would help limit the spread of infection throughout the country. The government of Japan has announced to launch a $1triilion relief package that would help against the economic recession of the country during the pandemic, which has affected 208 countries and territories across the globe.

This stimulus package is the largest initiative ever, and nearly twice as much that is done by the government that would help thousands of households in need of financial supporting to protect their jobs and businesses.

The economic relief package consists of 20% of the country’s GDP that would pay $2,750 to every household, which is experiencing severe income loss due to the coronavirus outbreak. $238 billion will be used to address the delays in tax payments and social welfare payments of the residents of Japan.

A government-commissioned task force has been put together to help against COVID 19 urged the Prime Minister of Japan, after which it has been released that Japan PM may declare a state of emergency across the major cities of the country to fight against the global pandemic of COVID 19. Hospitals and healthcare facilities are being overburdened with patients, and Japan PM may declare a state of emergency in Tokyo, Fukuoka, Osaka, and several other major cities of Japan to deal with the crisis for the time duration of one month.

All patients of COVID 19 with mild or no symptoms will be transported into hotels to make room for the accommodation of those patients who are coming with severe and critical conditions of COVID 19. The government is urging its citizens to follow the guidelines provided by the government to help reduce the chances of a complete country wide lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, which will severely affect the country’s economy as Japan PM may declare a state of emergency in major Japanese cities across the country.

Tokyo’s metropolitan government has announced a $202 million budget, which would help the city during the coronavirus crisis. The approved amount will be used to buy COVID 19 testing kits, hotel accommodations for asymptomatic and mildly sick patients of COVID 19 along with medical equipment, which is required during the treatment of the infection including ventilators and an increase in hospital capacity.

Measures taken by the Japanese government against COVID 19

Multiple measures are being taken across the whole country after Japan PM may declare a state of emergency to prevent further spread of COVID 19 due to which 1, 312,628 individuals are infected up till now, out of which 72,636 had died after being in critical condition by experiencing severe symptoms of the virus while being under complete isolation.

This state of emergency across the country would help people in social distancing that is a major step to limit the spread of the virus. The general population is advised for safety at home as much as they can and limit all outside contact.

All non-essential travel is restricted; traveling outside the home is only for going to work, taking care of someone, going to a healthcare facility, or shopping for groceries and medications. A press conference would be conducted on Tuesday by the Prime Minister of Japan to provide further deals regarding the emergency state of the country.

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