Ivermectin: A False Covid ‘Miracle’ Drug

Ivermectin Is an Anti-Parasitic Drug That Is Used to Treat Both Animals and Humans

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For the past recent few weeks, Ivermectin is being known as a miracle drug for the worldwide pandemic of Covid-19 infection, which has been hyped up by vaccine opponent companies and has also been recommended for usage by the health care authorities of some countries around the world. Although now it has been revealed that consumption of this vital anti-parasitic drug which is generally used to treat animals and humans, have some serious errors in multiple key research studies that have been conducted to the promoting firms of the drug.

Clinical trials on ivermectin

During the onset of the deadly coronavirus pandemic, there has been a clamor to use the drug ivermectin to combat the coronavirus infection and prevent the onset of sudden deaths that were occurring in large quantities throughout the world.

The heath care authorities located in European Union, United Kingdom, and the United States have been able to find out that there is not enough evidence to suggest the ivermectin drug is same to be consumed against the covid-19 viral infection, but due to its supporters in large quantities, out of which most of them had been anti-vaccine activists, have been able to continue on the vigorous public campaign for its mass consumption as a primary treatment option.

The group members of social media have swapped tips among themselves to be able to gain hold of the ivermectin drug, even advocating the versions that are solely made to be sued by animals with worm infestations.

There has been a major hype around the drug ivermectin, which is mostly based on the strength of belief on research studies, which have been able to drive a large number of individuals throughout the globe to consume it against the viral coronavirus infection, which has taken millions of lives in just a year and a half.

The campaigners in favor of the usage of ivermectin to treat Covid-19 infection are pointing towards a number of research studies that have been conducted and have often claimed that the evidence that suggests its positive results are either being covered up or ignored by scientists. Although a review has been conducted by a group of independent scientists, and the result obtained has cast a serious amount of doubt on the body that conducted the research on safe usage of ivermectin by humans for coronavirus.

Fraudulent results of clinical trials

It has also been revealed that about one-third of the 26 massive trials that have been conducted regarding the ivermectin drug has had a serious number of errors along with signs of the potential fraudulent result. At the same time, the rest of the two-third research studies were unable to show any convincing amount of evidence that could possibly suggest the effectiveness of ivermectin to treat Covid-19.

One of the members that were investigating the research studies said that they have been unable to find a single clinical study that has been able to claim that the consumption of ivermectin by humans to prevent the onset of coronavirus infection and death, and they also did not contain any obvious signs of being fabricated or those types of mistakes that could completely invalidate the research trial.

Some of the major issues that were observed were the usage of the data from a single person that should have been from different people, along with the evidence that the patient selection used in test groups had not been randomized. Some of the percentages used in the study had been calculated wrong. A major flaw in those studies had been that the local health care authorities had been fully unaware of the clinical trial being conducted.

The researching scientists that had taken part in the study of them had a previous record of exposing some dodgy facts. They had several previous working experiences alongside each other in the past and usually work remotely on a voluntary basis and informal clinical trials during the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

They have formed a group containing members that are trying to look deeper into the studies regarding the ivermectin drug after a problem had been spotted by a biomedical student with an influential study conducted in Egypt. Among other problems, the clinical trial had contained some patients who later turned out to have been dead even before the initiation of the clinical trial. The research is currently being retracted by the journal that had initially published it.

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