Italy Travel Restrictions Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

The death toll has increased above 1000 outside China

Every Region Is Affected With Coronavirus.

Coronavirus has been the root cause of the worldwide fear factor, which has taken the world in its grasp as Italy travel restrictions amid coronavirus. The novel coronavirus has affected more than eighty thousand individuals around the globe with its massive amount in China. This virus, which started from the seafood market of Wuhan, China has now spread and infected thousands of people in several countries of the earth since December last year. The spread of this airborne contagious virus is very easy with its symptoms mimicking of the common cold and is a bit hard to detect and separate them.

The mortality rate of this disease is at 3% and not be feared about as this is way less than the mortality rate of common cold, which is 56%. The novel coronavirus, which infected many people in China, has spread and now causing worldwide havoc and chaos around the globe. After several Asian countries, the virus has now spread in European countries, specifically in Italy, due to which Italy travel restrictions amid coronavirus outbreak.

Spreading Disease and Italy travel restrictions amid coronavirus outbreak

The death toll due to the novel coronavirus has increased to a thousand outside China on Tuesday. Out of these, 168 individuals died in Italy, which is the highest one day toll. Ryan air and British airways have canceled all of their flights to and from Italy as Italy travel restrictions amid coronavirus outbreaks, and the whole country is on lockdown which was instated by the government due to the increasing number of infected individuals and deaths caused by the virus. The health system of the country is in terrible shape; people are now being treated in the hospital’s corridors due to the reduced amount of number of beds available.

The total number of infected individuals has soared up 25%, even after millions of people have adapted preventive measures such as respirators before coming out of their homes. Up to 16 million people now require special permission to travel as Italy travel restrictions amid coronavirus outbreaks. Among the latest people who are diagnosed with this novel coronavirus is Italy’s army’s chief of staff Salvatore Farina, who is said to be under observations and is self-isolating in his private residence.

Preventive measures

After the prime minister’s order to restrict the richer sector of Italy, Lombardy, which also includes Milan on Saturday night, strict effects are being taken, and unauthorized travels are banned even though some flights landed in the area as other scheduled flights were cancelled.

It has been decided by the World Health Organization to combat this novel coronavirus, a large gathering which includes a hundred people and more should be avoided as it can become the cause of the spread of infection. This is to prevent all the individuals present from being safe if one of the people might have the novel coronavirus that could spread because the virus is alive and viable without a host body for up to twenty-four hours.

Proper sanitation protocols should be followed after shaking hands. Getting up close and personal could also be the reason a person might acquire the novel coronavirus unintentionally. Italy travel restrictions amid coronavirus outbreak include public meetings, school classes, and even the International Women’s Day march that was scheduled to happen last Sunday.

Universities, schools, nightclubs, gyms, and other venues are shut down across the country to reduce the spread of virus furthermore. These restrictions are said to last until April 3, 2020.  Several of the universities have started online classes to minimize the educational loss suffered by the students as Italy travel restrictions amid coronavirus outbreak.

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