Italy Tightens Restrictions amid Surge in Coronavirus Cases

New Preventive Measures Are Implemented Across the Country to Combat Coronavirus

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The Italian government has announced new restrictions over the general population of the country after a surge of new coronavirus cases were observed in the region. The Prime Minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conte, gave a public statement while wearing a face mask, during which he stated that these new sets of preventive measures implemented over the public is being done to prevent another nationwide lockdown which has already caused the economic recession.

Coronavirus spread across Italy

The local mayors now have the power to shut down any and all public businesses and areas after 8:00 pm to limit and prevent further transmission of COVID-19 and decrease the escalating coronavirus cases. The opening times for all restaurants and diners would be managed along with the number of people allowed inside would also be tightened.

These recent preventive measures are under implementation as the highest number of daily infection rate of coronavirus cases has been recorded in Italy for the second day in a row.

On Sunday, a total number of 11,705 new coronavirus cases have been recorded, which had broken the previously made record in the region that came a day before on Saturday, on which the total coronavirus cases were recorded to be 10,925.

The country of Italy has been the topmost affected country during the coronavirus pandemic spread across Europe. The nation has now recorded to have diagnosed 414,000 coronavirus cases, out of which 36,500 has died after suffering from severe symptoms of the infection. The total number of deaths caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in Italy is in second place across Europe after the United Kingdom.

Public Address by Italian Prime Minister

The Prime Minister of Italy held a televised public address on Sunday, during which he emphasized that all the residents across the country could not afford to waste time in placing the preventive measures against the coronavirus infection.

The number of coronavirus cases is already rapidly increasing due to which this move has been made to prevent another nationwide lockdown that could severely affect and compromise economic stability. The government is doing their required part to limit further transmission of the infection, but the public should also play their designated role to further reduce the escalating coronavirus cases in the region.

The most basic and effective required measure against the coronavirus infection is wearing a face mask, maintaining social distance for at least 1 meter, and hand sanitization. All the general public is requested to pay attention to those situations where multiple people tend to let down their guard that includes being with family and friends. To limit and prevent the increasing daily number of coronavirus cases in the country, the maximum level of precaution is required to be followed.

Preventive measures against coronavirus in Italy

Several changes have been made by the Italian government to combat the escalating coronavirus cases across the region.

The school timings have also been changed, especially for older students. The time for the start of school would be late as compared to young children, and distance-learning is much encouraged. Online classes are also being conducted to reduce the chances of local transmission of infection.

Public dining places, including restaurants, diners, and bars, will now be shut down at midnight, allowing only table service to continue after 8:00 pm. The maximum number of individuals allowed to dine together per group will be six.

All local festivals and conferences have been suspended for the time being until the daily coronavirus cases counts decrease. All contact sports are not allowed to be played. The local swimming pools and gyms should adapt to a new strategy within seven days, which follows all coronavirus preventive requirements.

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