Italian Deaths Reach 30000-Highest Numbers in EU

Italy Will Partially Be Reopened From May 18

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The numbers of Italian deaths reach 30000 due to coronavirus pandemic, the highest numbers in the European Union. Italy was the country which was first to impose lockdown along with the closure of all unnecessary businesses and non-essential travel for which it was criticized for taking the coronavirus outbreak seriously. The first case of COVID-19 was reported in the Lombardy region in Italy.

COVID-19 in Italy

The death toll of the country has risen up to 30,395 after around 300 new coronavirus cases have been reported in the country on Thursday and Friday. The total number of individuals affected in Italy since the outbreak started in the region has reached 218,268. Out of the total infected people, 103,031 were successfully able to recover back to their optimum health level after suffering through mild symptoms of the infection for the duration of 2 weeks while being under isolation.

Italian deaths reach 30000 in the duration of a few months due to the coronavirus pandemic, even after strict implementation of stay at home orders and social distancing across the country. New coronavirus cases are also being reported daily. Recently, 1,083 people have been reported with coved-19 in their bloodstream.

Italian deaths reach 30000 across the region as most people were suffering from serious symptomatic conditions with lower immune response and age above 60. The doctors, due to an immense overload of work and reduced staff workers, are prioritizing youth and those patients with high chances of living. Currently, 1,034 coronavirus infected patients are under intensive care.

Italy has become the thirst country with the highest rate of fatalities caused by coronavirus after the United States and the United Kingdom as Italian deaths reach 30000. The United Kingdom also passed the 30000 deaths mark recently as the death rate of the region has increased to 31,587 individuals. Inside the European Union, Spain is the third most affected country amid the coronavirus pandemic as the fatalities recorded in the area have reached up to 26,230.

As there is a slow reduction in new coronavirus cases being reported, the region has begun to ease multiple restrictions that were previously implemented across the area to prevent further transmission of the infection.

Criticism on Italian deaths due to coronavirus pandemic

There is widespread criticism regarding the accuracy of the number of deaths in the region. Up till now, Italian deaths reach 30000, but people are skeptical as the official toll only contains the death record of people who died in hospitals. The number of deaths occurs in homes, old care laces, and other areas that were not included in the official records of the country. Unofficially, the numbers of Italian deaths reach 30,000 some time ago as thousands more people died last month during the peak infectious time.

A recent study conducted by the Italian Statistic agency released a report on Friday, which has indicated that 88% of the total registered deaths caused by COVID-19 in Italy were due to the infectious pathogen.

Relaxation of coronavirus protective measures

Protective measures across the country are slowly relaxed as the coronavirus pandemic is causing a massive economic recession in the country as all unnecessary businesses have been closed down since March 1. Italian deaths reach 30000, after which it is expected that the death rate will reduce soon as the country will not be completely open in the near future.

All open public places have been closed down to reduce the risk of further spread of the infection via sneezing, coughing, and touching. The Italian government has decided to partially reopen the country since May 18, after which multiple Churches across the area would be able to conduct mass prayers.

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