Israeli Prince of Torah as the King of COVID

Rabbi Kanievsky has less contribution in further transmission of infection as he is being portrayed

Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky, aged 93, has recently become one of the most controversial and consequential individuals in the country of Israel, despite his complete detachment from the mortal worldly life. Rabbi Kanievsky, also known as the Prince of Torah, is unable to use a smartphone by himself. He very rarely leaves his residence and, according to his family, has never been successful in making a cup of tea for himself. His closest friend thinks that he does not even know the name of the current Prime Minister of Israel.

Rabbi Kanievsky’s order for Jews

The Prince of Torah Rabbi Kanievsky spends more than 17 hours per day studying the book of Torah. He is the spiritual leader of tens of thousands of ultra-Orthodox Jews residing in the country of Israel. Rabbi Kanievsky has somehow landed in the center of escalating tensions over the COVID-19 pandemic between the mainstream Israelis and the rapidly increasing minority representing ultra-Orthodox Jews residents of the nation.

Throughout the time duration since the start of the coronavirus pandemic in the country, the local authorities have been involved in various clashes with the ultra-Orthodox Jews over the cause of their resistance movement towards the antiviral preventive measures to prevent further transmission of the deadly viral pathogenic infection in the surrounding communities.

They have also refused to close down the educational institutes of the community or limit the number of people gathering in a close environment at any and all religious events. The same sort of conflicts was also observed in the New York area.

The Prince of Torah Rabbi Kanievsky has been issuing multiple pronouncements from his study room, which is filled to the brim with books inside his small cramped apartment floor, which is located in a suburb area of Tel Aviv, where numerous ultra-Orthodox people are known to reside. It has been reported on various occasions that the Prince of Torah has often been at the forefront of the resistance.

On twice occasions, during the initial and second wave of the coronavirus pandemic in Israel, the King of COVID rejected all the preventive protocols of the antivirus regime imposed by the government.  The Prince of Torah rabbi Kanievsky would also not order his large number of followers to close down their yeshivas, which are independent religious schools where children gather along as students inside the closed quarters to study the Jewish scripture.

Spread of coronavirus infection

According to the Prince of Torah Rabbi Kanievsky, the coronavirus pandemic has made the studying and prayers even more essential t be followed, even amid the deadly pandemic. At both times of the waves of the coronavirus pandemic, he took time but eventually relented. Although it is very unlikely that the Prince of Torah, also known as the King of COVID after the spread of viral coronavirus strain across the country, have played a large role in further spreading of the viral COVID-19 infection as he has been accused of, but the damage has already been done.

According to multiple public healthcare experts, the ultra-Orthodox Jews of Israel, which accounts for the total 12% of the entire population of the country, have been accounted for 28% of the COVID-19 spread of infection in the region. The ultra-Orthodox have also undermined the entire nation’s efforts for the prevention against the viral coronavirus. The reaction in opposition to having been fierce and most of it was centered on Rabbi Kanievsky, Prince of Torah.

Several articles have been written stating that Rabbi Kanievsky should be arrested by the local police department for further transmission of the viral disease in the community. Another article has written that the Prince of Torah dictates the immoral conduct in the sector of ultra-orthodox Jews.

The backlash against the rabbi has exaggerated both the roles of the Prince of Torah along with the ultra-Orthodox Jews in general. The Jews society is not monolithic, and the other prominent religious leaders across the country were quicker in following the preventive measures against the deadly viral pathogenic infection of COVID-19.

The leaders of the ultra-Orthodox Jews have stated that they, along with the majority of their followers, have obeyed the rules for the antiviral regulations, although due to large family numbers which are residing in small enclosed houses during Israel’s third nationwide lockdown have inevitably provided major contribution in further transmission of the infection.

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