Israel Strikes in Gaza and Breaches the Ceasefire Agreement

Airstrikes by Israel Has Been Initiated After the Ceasefire, Which Ended The 11-Day Destructive Conflict on May 21

The country of Israel has stated that they have recently carried out airstrikes in the city of Gaza overnight after the incendiary fire balloons were launched by the Palestinians from the territory occupied by them, and these Israel strikes in Gaza have become the first major flare-up since the beginning of 11 days massively destructive conflict in the previous month.

According to the military forces of Israel, they have targeted the compounds which are thought to be under the commission of Hamas, the group of militias that is in control of the Gaza Strip by the combined approval of Palestinians.

The incendiary balloons, which were launched by Hamas, have been able to start around 20 fires in multiple locations in the southern region of Israel on Tuesday. Hamas has given a statement that these fire balloons were a retaliatory response to the march conducted by the nationalists of Israel in the occupied area of the city of East Jerusalem.

No casualty has been reported on both sides after the fire balloon attacks and Israel strikes in Gaza, and calm has been restored in the region by the morning on Wednesday.

Israel strikes again

In a recently given public statement by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), the Israeli strikes in Gaza were done by fighter jets, as they were able to target the military compounds which are operated by the Palestinian militant group Hamas and are present in the cities of Gaza and Khan Younis.

They have said that the terrorist activity has been taking place inside these compounds by Hamas, and the Israel Defense Forces have been prepared for all kind of possible scenarios that could happen, including the hostilities resumption, in the face of a continuous possibility of terror attacks that could arrive from the Gaza Strip and launched by Hamas.

According to the report given by Wafa, the Palestinian news agency, that the Israel strikes in Gaza which was carried out onto Palestine was done by using fighter aircraft, and have bombed the site in the Maen area, which is located in the southern side of Khan Younis, while the other one had targeted the southern area of the Gaza City, which has ended with massive material damage after the most recent Israel strikes in Gaza.

A spokesperson by Hamas has posted a tweet on the social media platform Twitter that the Palestinians are determined and would continue to pursue their resistance bravely even with Israel strikes in Gaza targeting them while defending their rights along with sacred holy sites that are located in the city of Jerusalem.

New government of Israel

The IDF has stated that the Israel strikes in Gaza have been carried out as a prominent response to the arson fire balloons that have been launched by Palestinians from the Gaza city and into the territorial border of Israel on Tuesday.

In the past recent few years, the Palestinian militants have frequently been sending helium balloons and kites that are carrying small containers that are filled by burning fuel or explosive devices over the border into Israel that separates it from Gaza.

The devices which have been used to causes hundreds of small-scale fires across Israel have resulted in the burning of thousands of hectares of land occupied by farmlands and forests.

The Israel strikes in Gaza were initially carried out after the direct order was given by the new government of Israel, which has recently taken office on the morning of Sunday, which has marked the end of the rule of Benjamin Netanyahu for being in power for the past 12 years consecutively.

The new Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennet is a right-wing nationalist who is also heading a coalition comprising of eight political parties which span the entire spectrum of the politics of Israel.

In a completely separate development, which has been done on Wednesday, the Israel Defense Forces have said that the soldiers have shot dead a woman of Palestine who has allegedly attempted to cause a car in a ramming and stabbing attack at an Israeli checkpoint which is located in the occupied region of West Bank. The woman has reported being dead due to the irreversible extensive injured inflicted upon her.

The retaliatory attack by Hamas, which further caused Israel strikes in Gaza, was due to the Jerusalem Day flag march which occurred on Tuesday, during which hundreds of young Israelis took part and sang, danced, and waved the national flag in front of the Damascus Gate in the Old City, which is the main entrance gate to the Muslim Quarter.

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