Israel Increases Attacks in Gaza

Israeli Pm Said the Military Operation Would Continue Against Palestinian Militants Until Necessary

The military forces of Israel have further intensified their attacks on Gaza, as the militants of Palestine are continuing to fire rockets on Israel on the fifth consecutive day of ongoing hostilities. The Israel armed forces have said that the ground and air forces have also been involved in the attacks which occurred on Friday but had not entered the territory of Gaza.

The video footage obtained about the attacks on Gaza City has shown that the night sky was lit up with multiple explosions that occurred from the airstrikes, artillery, and gunboats from the Israeli forces. Around 119 individuals have reportedly been killed during the attacks on Gaza, while eight people have died in Israel since the series of violent activities have begun in the region on Monday.

Potential civil war in Israel

Meanwhile, the Israeli-Arab and Jewish mobs have started to fight within the country of Israel, an additional issue for the country’s government alongside the attacks on Gaza, which has prompted their president to be warned of a possible change of starting of a civil war. The Defense Minister of Israel Benny Gantz has given the order for a massive number of reinforcements of security forces which would be used for suppression of the unrest internally, which has also led to the arrest of more than 400 individuals across the country.

According to the police, the Israeli Arabs are responsible for the most part of the trouble and have rejected the accusations which have been made that the police officers just keep on standing on the side and do nothing while various gangs of Jewish youths are targeting homes of Arabs.

Violence in Gaza

The number of violent activities and attacks on Gaza and Israel this week is the worst since the year 2014. It began after several weeks of rising tensions between the Israeli and Palestinians in the region of East Jerusalem, which later culminated into aggressive clashes by Jews and Muslims at the holy site, which is revered by both.

Hamas, the Palestinian militant group that is currently ruling Gaza, had begun firing rockets after giving multiple fair warnings to the Israeli forces to leave the area and triggered airstrikes in retaliation.

In Gaza, the Palestinians who are residing are fearing an incursion by the Israeli military troops, due to which they have begun to flee the areas that are located close to the borders of Israel, fearing more attacks on Gaza by Israel. The residents who have recently fled from Shejaiya located in Gaza City have said that shells had been falling on residential areas of the city.

According to one of the local residents of that area who was able to escape from the bombardment on their home along with her family, said that it felt to them like they were living inside a horror movie. The fighter jets were above them, and the tanks and naval forces were bombing the area, and they were stuck, unable to move. The men, women, and children present at the site were screaming as everything turned into chaos.

The military forces of Israel have said that they had conducted an armed operation in the region overnight in an attempt to destroy the network of tunnels built by Hamas, which are dubbed as ‘the metro.’ However, no military troop has physically entered the area during the attacks on Gaza.

They also added that during the time period of Thursday evening till the morning on Friday, 220 more projectile rockets had been fired from the Gaza Strip. In the region of Southern Israel, a woman aged 87 years had died after falling during traveling from her residence to a bomb shelter located near Ashdod. Other areas of Israel, including Yavne, Beersheba, and Ashkelon, had also been targeted during the attack.

The health ministry of Gaza has stated that 27 children had been among those who had been killed since the attacks on Gaza, and violence had begun between Palestinians and Israel, along with numerous other civilians. Another 600 Gazans have also reportedly been injured during the attacks.

Israel had said that dozens of individuals that have died in Gaza were militants, while some of the mortalities had been caused due to misfired rockets from the Hamas in Gaza.

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