Israel Conducts New Heavy Airstrikes on Gaza Today

The UN Secretary-General Has Appealed for An Instant End to The Ongoing Inexcusable Violence

The military forces of Israel have conducted dozens of heavy airstrikes on Gaza on Monday after the militant group of Palestinians has fired barrages of rockets at the cities of Israel located in the southern region of the country. These recently conducted pre-dawn raids on the Gaza Strip had been some of the heaviest fires observed since the combat between both countries have begun a week ago.

According to Israel, they had successfully target facilities that belong to the militant Palestinian group Hamas during the heavy airstrikes on Gaza, including some of the residents of the commanding officers working for Hamas. However, numerous main roads leading across the city and power lines have also been damaged.

Continuing mental trauma for Palestinians

No immediate report had been given regarding the number of casualties that occurred following the heavy airstrikes on Gaza. The residents of the Gaza City are living in fear of being collateral damage during these ongoing airstrikes by Israel. One of the residents of the area, who was a mother of two children and a humanitarian worker for Palestinians, spoke her concern that she was getting ready to die any minute, and she had to be at peace with it.

While describing the previously occurred heavy airstrikes on Gaza over the weekend, she said that people she had known worked with, although ordinary or professional people, old or young, were killed during the explosions.

Attack on Monday

The military forces of Israel have confirmed that more than 50 war jets were used to conduct an aerial attack on Monday for the time duration of 20 minutes over the Gaza Strip during the time just before dawn.

They were able to strike down 35 of the terror targets with heavy airstrikes on Gaza while destroying more than 15 kilometers long tunnels which were a part of a vast network of underground tunnels belongs to the militant group Hamas.

The Israeli military has also stated that they were able to take down the homes of nine high-ranking commanding officers of Hamas. The soldiers of Israeli military forces have also fired ground artillery from positions that are located near the Gaza border.

The fighting and heavy airstrikes on Gaza began after several weeks of escalating tensions between the Israeli and Palestinians in the region of occupied East Jerusalem which later culminated into aggressive clashes at the holy site of Al-Aqsa Mosque that is revered by both Muslims and Jews.

Hamas, the Palestinian militants who control the Gaza strip, had begun to fire rockets onto Israel after giving multiple warnings to the Israeli forces to withdraw from Al-Aqsa Mosque, due to which later Israel began their heavy airstrikes on Gaza in retaliation.

According to Israel, more than 3,000 rockets have been fired into Israel by Hamas over the previous week. On Monday, the warning sirens for rockets were sounded again in several cities around the southern region of Israel. One of the rockets has reportedly hit an apartment building in the Israeli city of Ashdod, due to which several individuals have been injured, although no casualty has been reported.

The Palestinian officials that are present in Gaza have said that the heavy overnight airstrike on Gaza had caused damage to hundreds of residential homes and other large building complexes while also causing a widespread power outage in multiple areas.

One of the residents tweeted that they were only able to sleep for three hours. Although they are physically safe from any harm, it was one of the most difficult nights which they had to spend due to the ongoing heavy airstrikes on Gaza.

The overall mortality toll in the region has reached 200, which includes 35 women and 59 children, while 1,305 have been injured, as reported by the health ministry, which is being run by Hamas during the ongoing heavy airstrikes on Gaza. Israel has reported that more than 130 individuals who were part of the militant group have also reportedly been killed, although Hamas has yet to recognize the numbers.

International reaction

Meanwhile, the international community calls for a ceasefire on the heavy airstrikes on Gaza, which is continuing to mount further as awareness is spreading throughout the world.

The President of Egypt Abdul Fattah al-Sisi on Monday has said that his country is trying to go to great lengths for reaching to a ceasefire agreement, which he hopes still exists.

The United Nations Security Council have conducted an emergency meeting on Sunday, and the Secretary-General has given warning that further fighting has the potential to unleash a massive humanitarian crisis and uncontainable security issue.

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