Is The World Defeating The Pandemic?

Only New Zealand is able to control coronavirus as no new case was reported in the last 100 days

New Zealand is able to control coronavirus as no new case was reported in the last 100 days

It is about to be more than six months since the coronavirus pandemic has been diagnosed in multiple countries across the world and has been declared as a deadly worldwide pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO). Due to the arrival and diagnosis in numerous countries worldwide, several countries’ governments have declared a state of national emergency. Across the world, hundreds of countries are continuously trying defeating the pandemic.

Escalation of coronavirus infection

At the end of the month of January, the number of confirmed coronavirus cases had reached 10,000, out of which 200 had died after experiencing severe symptoms of the viral infection. At that time, no case had been reported outside the borders of China. But since then, the world, along with our lives, has changed tremendously, and all the people across the globe are defeating the pandemic as much as they can.

Across the world, the number of confirmed coronavirus cases reported since the outbreak has erupted in Wuhan, China is 20,070,805, out of which 734,779 has died after suffering from a critical condition for multiple days. More than 12,929,889 individuals have been able to successfully recover back to their optimum health level after suffering from mild to moderate symptoms of coronavirus, some of which were completely asymptomatic while being tested positive for COVID-19 infection.

The healthcare facilities and staff are at the front line for defeating the pandemic, which has caused numerous economic recessions of countries, including the United States. At the initial period of the pandemic, it took several weeks for the coronavirus cases milestone to reach up at 100,000, but nowadays, as the viral infection has spread far and wide, the milestone is easily reachable in a matter of hours.

The coronavirus cases worldwide are still continuously accelerating with a high intensity, which has caused the pandemic to become a very serious issue as COVID-19 can now be found in every community across the world. The concept of defeating the pandemic might sound like an impossible task, but the government of New Zealand has achieved the task by becoming the first country with no new coronavirus cases for the last 100 days.

Effect of coronavirus on country’s governments

The more people come together, the more this viral infection will spread and will take more effort in defeating the pandemic, as the coronavirus thrives and spreads on human contact. To try all methods for defeating the pandemic that has caused much mental trauma to numerous individuals across the world, the authorities are trying their best to control and prevent further transmission of infection. Due to the coronavirus surge, the government of Hong Kong is isolating multiple people inside quarantine facilities, the authorities of South Korea are now monitoring phone bills, and bank accounts of the residents of the country and Australia and Europe are still struggling to lift the lockdown in their region.

The coronavirus infection is spreading across the globe due to rapid human contact, due to which it directly affects every single individual. This viral infection is not transmitting due to excessive travel but can be easily transmitted via spending time together and speaking. Even the simple and small act of singing in a small group increases the risk of infectious transmission from one individual to another, even though numerous governments are defeating the pandemic by the compulsory usage of facemask and hand sanitizer along with social distancing.

The coronavirus infection is a very tricky virus to be tracked, as usually, it shows only mild to moderate symptoms, while in some cases the infected individual does not show any symptom associated with the infection, which makes it very hard to track, identify and isolate due to which it increases the risk of further community transmission.

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