Is impeachment against Donald Trump over?

Impeachment against Trump is now preceded to its last stage, how?

Impeachment against Trump is now preceded to its last stage

Is impeachment against Donald Trump over? is the question being explored in this article.Early in September 2019, the president of America Donald Trump has been instigated by an impeachment inquiry. He was impeached for the misuse of the power and the obstruction of Congress.

This all started when the whistleblower exposed the information and imposed allegation on the Trump and officials that they had tried to pressurize the president of Ukrainian to prod Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden for the elections of 2020. However, the trump denied all the allegations using the social media platform.

The hearing on this impeachment began started on 13 November 2019.  The official vote was held to prosecute Trump on the charges of obstruction of congress and abuse of power at the House of Representatives on 18 December in which the ratios of votes were 230 to 197. However, the senate trial on the two articles of impeachment (abuse of power and obstruction of congress).

When impeachment against Donald Trump was started?

The trial of an impeachment against Donald Trump was started on 22 Jan with the opening argument by the House managers of impeachment and they work as prosecutors in the trail. In the firsts, three days of trails the democratic legislator from the house representatives attempted to convince the senators to either convict or acquit Trump.

In the procession proceeding, the defense team of the trump started their argument on 25 Jan until 28 Jan. in the result of arguments gave by the democratic legislators and Trump’s team of attorneys, 51 republication senators gave their vote against the call for the witness and document for the trail on 31 Jan.

The impeachment trial against the president Of America Donald Trump has postponed but from that day senate holds regular session to hear the speeches of the senators to know the reason to vote of convict or acquit President Trump.

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On Monday, 3 Feb, the impeachment trial against Prime Minister Donald Trump entered its 12th day, which is followed by a senate vote to not to call to the new witnesses but assures an exoneration for the prime minister.

On Monday, the House prosecutors and the defense team of Donald Trump gave their closing argument to the senate and got the chance to give their statements in the time limit 10 minutes. The schedule for the final vote on the impeachment article is fixed on Wednesday, 5th Feb by the majority leader Mitch McConnell after the approval of Donald Trump. The two-third votes of senators are required to eradicate President Trump from the seat. In the chamber of 100 members, the republicans have 53 seats.

It seems to be the end of the president Trump impeachment trial as the date is now set for the final trial. The conviction of Trump deliberately reduced as the republicans have denied the democrat’s proposal to call for the witness and new shreds of evidence. However, Trump is going to deliver the state of the Union today, a day before the Senate vote. It is going to be a guaranteed acquittal, trump and his followers are confident about it.

It is not to believe that President Trump has survived because the Senate would not act for Democrats on the whole. It also reflects that Trump has a firm hold on his party than any recent president of the United States of America. Support from the party is the norm too because he belongs to the party. Now, all eyes are set on the US presidential elections 2020. It seems that impeachment against Trump is now over.