Irrfan Khan Passed Away At 54

Bollywood Actor Leaves Behind a Wife and Two Children

Bollywood Actor Leaves Behind a Wife and Two Children

The iconic Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan passed away at 54. Along with his domination in the Indian film industry, he was also known for his work in the American and British movies. Some of his international works include starring in Slumdog Millionaire, Jurassic World, and Inferno. The whole Indian film Industry is currently in shock and heartbroken to have lost a masterpiece as Irrfan Khan passed away at 54.

Cause of Death

Irrfan Khan passed away at 54 while being admitted inside the ICU in Kokilaben hospital in Mumbai, India, on Tuesday due to a colon infection. His death was confirmed via press statement the next day. The beloved and successful actor was a strong person who fought through to the end while inspiring the people around him.

Previously, Irrfan khan had also been diagnosed with a rare neuroendocrine tumor in 2018. This tumor is an abnormal growth of specialized neuroendocrine cells, causing disruption in the normal bodily functions.

Irrfan Khan passed away at 54, four days after his mother died, for which he was unable to visit for her last rites due to the nationwide lockdown implemented across India amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

After his death, Irrfan Khan leaves behind his wife and two children who were present during his last rites, which were performed in Mumbai on April 29. As soon as his death was confirmed, the internet was filled up with condolences for his family along with thousands of appreciation posts for the actor from well-known Bollywood actors and fans on social media, memorializing his life and profession as he became the cause of inspiration of thousands of people across the world with his acting skills and his words.

Irrfan Khan passed away at 54, has become an inspiration of millions of people across the globe due to his passion for his acting career while battling through a rare form of cancer, along with undergoing crucial and painful treatment.

Irrfan Khan as an actor

Irrfan Khan is known for his integrity and modesty as his death is mourned by thousands of people, including fellow celebrities, fans, admirers along with multiple politicians across India as well as other countries across the world as he was highly appreciated due to his brilliant performances in India as well as America and the United Kingdom due to his work in multiple high ranking Franchises.

Irrfan Khan was first recognized in the International film industry after his role in Slumdog Millionaire, as the movie won seven BAFTA awards and eight Oscar awards. He also starred in Life of Pi, after which the movie won multiple Academy Awards and Golden Globe Awards. Apart from this, Irrfan Khan was also seen playing major supporting roles in Inferno, Jurassic World, and The Amazing Spider-Man.

Irrfan Khan passed away at 54 and was last seen by the general population across the world in his newly released film Angrezi Medium. This movie holds a special place despite being delayed for a long duration as the actor was undergoing his treatment for cancer. Irrfan Khan also skipped the premiere of the movie due to his health complications caused by his tumor. To counter his absence, Irrfan posted on social media, for which multiple leading Bollywood actresses featured a special dance number for his film.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi also mourned his death and said that Khan’s death will be a great loss for the world of theater and cinema and will always be remembered for his versatile roles across different areas in the industry along with providing his condolences to his family and friends as Irrfan Khan passed away at 54.

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