Iran Executed Spy Reza Asgari Convicted Of Selling Iranian Missile Information

Numerous Individuals Have Been Sentenced To Death For Espionage Against Iran

Numerous Individuals Have Been Sentenced To Death For Espionage Against Iran

It is being reported by the government of Iran that they have executed a former employee of defense ministry who has been convicted of selling Iranian missile information to the Central Intelligence Agency in the United States. The event of the execution of Reza Asgari took place in the previous week. It has been confirmed that Reza Asgari retired from the defense ministry of Iran in 2016 and later passed on classified information to the CIA regarding the Iranian missile that is yet to launch.

There was no news regarding the arrest, trial, and sentence of Reza Asgari on the national media. The statement regarding the execution of convicted traitor Reza Asgari for passing on Iranian missile information was made public after the judiciary spokesman Gholam Hussein Esmaili was talking about another convicted spy named Mahmoud Mausavi-Majd. Mr. Mahmoud was sentenced to death as he was convicted of being an intelligence spy for the CIA and Mossad intelligence agency regarding the Iranian army movements in Syria.

Iranian missile information to CIA

There have been no comments from the Central Intelligence agency or any United States official regarding the execution of Reza Asgari, who was convicted of selling Iranian missile information to the CIA. This is not the first case in which individuals have been arrested and executed for selling classified high-level information to other intelligence agencies across the world.

Last year in the month of July, 17 people have been arrested and later accused of collecting sensitive information regarding the country’s military and nuclear sector and later selling it to the Central Intelligence Agency. To counter these allegations made by the Iranian Defense Ministry, the United States President Donald Trump has denied any and all accusations, saying that all announcements are completely false.

In the previous month of June, a former contractor named Jalal Hajizavar, who has been working with the defense ministry of Iran, was executed after he was found convicted of espionage. Multiple pieces of equipment have also been found inside his residence. The individual has also confessed of passing on classified information as he was hired by the Central Intelligence agency. Hajizavar’s wide has also been sentenced for 15 years in the federal penitentiary for being an accomplice in espionage.

Previously, numerous individuals have been put to trial and executed for selling information to multiple intelligence agencies, especially the CIA. The latest act of espionage has regarded the Iranian missile information.  These types of news are announced by the Iranian government frequently due to which the relationship between both countries has turned bad.

Iran’s relationship with countries buying information

The multiple countries have sent their spying who was later caught and convicted of espionage after they have confessed to working with other intelligence agencies, especially regarding Iranian missile information and army troop placement. Out of all the countries, the United States and Israel stand out the most, having sent numerous individuals who have committed the illegal act of selling sensitive information about higher clearance levels.

Due to these issues, the relationship between Iran and the US has taken a bad turn. Last week, a person was sentenced to death for selling private Iranian missile information to the United States. Recently, the US drones have also struck down in Bagdad, which ended up killing an Iranian General. To counter these actions, Iran attacked the American troops in Iraq via ballistic missile.

The government of Iran is suffering due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has done serious damage to the economy of the country. The country has already been suffering from the economic recession due to the implementation of sanctions by the US government after the administration of Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the 2015 nuclear agreement in 2018. Last week, sensitive and classified information regarding the Iranian missile information had also been passed to the United States intelligence agency.

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