Iowa Caucus: Is the Chaos due to the possible victory of Bernie Sanders?

Iowa Caucus Chaos: Bernie Sanders is one of the two top runners for Democratic nomination

Bernie Sanders is one of the two top runners for Democratic nomination

Something remarkable is going to happen in Iowa. Everyone is eyeing at the Iowa caucus results that have gone late. It is now confirmed that results would be released on Tuesday, so it is time to leave. But conspiracies are born. These are also associated with Iowa Caucus Results 2020 in chaos where Bernie Sanders may be winners. People are desperately waiting for results, especially those who know where things stand at the moment.

Possible Results of Iowa Caucus Chaos 2020 in light of Current Ranking of Democratic Candidates

President Trump does not have to worry about what is happening in Iowa now. He has just relieved from impeachment trial that seems to end for him. These nerve-racking moments are purely for Democrats and their supporters. One may surprise that two possible winners from Iowa caucus might be Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg. Joe Biden does not have the first two positions among Democratic presidential candidates competing in Iowa. Until the last reports, Democratic presidential candidates and media were leaving Iowa with no idea when the results would be announced.

Iowa Democratic Party has not given any hint regarding possible results and standing of the presidential campaign in this crucial state. They are blaming one thing that inconsistencies have caused this delay. In national polls, Bernie Sanders has witnessed a surge lately that is a serious threat for Joe Biden. Although Joe Biden is present at number one slot, things are changing considerably. He is facing direct competition from loyal supporters of Sanders.

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Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg have addressed their supporters while everyone is waiting for results. Their speeches look like they are winners. In the meantime, Joe Biden has not come forward aggressively. Instead, he chose to downplay expectations. He has also written a letter to Iowa Democratic Party to get things cleared around Iowa Caucus. It shows that a long list of Democratic presidential candidates now consists of three candidates.

The state has considerable importance for candidates because it would trigger a momentum needed for an election campaign. Until now, all of the top candidates have shown their commitment and determination to eye on voting in New Hampshire. However, this delay in results may cause confusion and serious doubts. They may opt for changing their mind once the results are announced.

Bernie Sanders Seizes Lead in Iowa: A Poll finds

There is much surprise for establishment-aligned Democrats as Bernie Sanders has managed to get the chances of victory. Earlier, analysts were of the view that he has a loyal base of supporters, but his chances of winning are slim. If he goes to be the winner, it would be big breaking news for all interested in US politics. The chaos in Iowa caucus results may lead to conspiracies later. In case, Bernie Sanders loses by a narrow margin; one may point fingers over the credibility of the process.

Loyal supporters of Sanders may consider a deliberate attempt to keep Sanders out of the presidential nomination race for the Democratic Party. According to the New York Times poll, Sanders would get 25 percent of the votes in Iowa with Buttigieg gets 18 percent. Joe Biden stands at third with 17 percent. These poll results ring a danger bell for Biden supporters and send a wave of celebrations among Sanders supporters.