iOS 15: Recent Rumors Regarding Apple’s New Operating System

New Operating System Release Date, Expected Features Along with Device Compatibility

The tech firm Apple is yet to release their iOS 14.5 version for their devices; meanwhile, rumors specifications regarding the iOS 15 are being released, which is likely to be released for public usage in the third quarter of this year.

As usual, new and innovative features would be included in this upgraded operating system of iOS 15 and would essentially build upon the upgrades previously offered by iOS 14, including new camera tips and tricks along with a designated widget for the home screen. Here are some of the rumored features that are possible to be included in the upcoming iOS 15 by Apple for all of their smartphone devices and include the availability of the iOS 15 for downloading.

Release date for iOS 15

Typically, Apple unveils their new upgraded version of operating systems during their annually conducted Worldwide Developers Conference, which is generally scheduled in the month of June. In the last year’s conference, which started on June 22, Apple revealed the first glimpse of their iOS 14, along with MacOS Big Sur and iPad OS 14. This year’s WWDC is likely to be conducted as a virtual event in the month of June. However, no official scheduling time has been given by Apple regarding the event.

As soon as the new iOS is announced by the tech firm, it generally becomes available to various developers for beta testing for few months before it is made available for public usage to prevent any possible issue, which could only be pointed out after challenging tests. The same process would be followed after the launch event for iOS 15.

The finalized version for the iOS 15 is expected to be made public in the month of September, alongside the launch of the latest smartphone variant named iPhone 13. Although, in the previous year, the release date for iPhone 12 was a little bit delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic till the month of October. Although the unveiling of iOS 14 was still done in September amid the COVID-19 spread throughout the world. It is likely that the announcement for iOS 15 would follow the same pattern.

Device compatibility

According to one of the rumors which have surfaced recently, the device compatibility for iOS 15 would require the Apple devices of iPhone 7 or newer models. This is not a piece of major news, as iPhone 6 is more than five years older and includes an A9 chipset. It is expected that the iOS 15 would efficiently work on the A10 chipset, which is installed in iPhone 7 and beyond, along with the seventh-generation iPod Touch.

Features of iOS 15

A completely specified feature set that would come with the upcoming iOS 15 version would be unveiled in the upcoming WWDC 2021. Since the iOS 14 was a large size update variant, it is expected that the iOS 15 would be making changes in less amount and would be developed on the base of iOS 14, but would further improve its functionality.

In iOS 14, the user is able to swap between the default applications of Mail and Safari for other email and browser applications. The upcoming update of iOS 14.5 is expected to allow the consumers to change the default music application from Apple Music to other available apps, while in iOS 15, it is possible to see this customization.

iOS 15 would possibly include more interactive widgets available, like generally seen in Android devices, including volume changes and toggling of things. The variation on size of widgets could also be customizable as per the preference of the user.

Similar to an Apple Watch, iPhone 13 is rumored to include the feature of an always-on display. While it would require changes in the hardware of iPhones, the iOS 15 could provide updated changes in the display of notifications in a slightly different format.

Download instructions

For those individuals who are a part of Apple’s developer program, the iOS 15 would be available for download to beta test after it is scheduled to be unveiled in June. The operating system is expected to be made available for download in a public beta program. People looking forward to taking part in the iOS 15 beta test should be warned, as the OS is usually filled with various bugs and is advised not to download it on your primary smartphone device to prevent unexpected loss of data or privacy issues.

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