India To Pay 50000INR For Every Covid-19 Death: Supreme Court of India

The Total Number of Deaths Caused By COVID-19 Infection Across India Has Surpassed 447,000

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The top court of India has recently given approval for the decision that has been made by the government to pay about 50,000 rupees (which is equivalent to $674) in the form of obligatory compensation for every single COVID-19 death that has occurred in the country.  The orders of the Supreme Court which was followed by a petition given by the lawyers that were seeking compensation under the disaster management laws of India.

It has been officially recorded that the total number of Covid-19 deaths has reached the total number of 447,000 so far. However, it is believed by the experts that it would have been completely possible for people to have died 10 times more in the region due to COVID-19 infection outspread.

According to a thorough investigation of the data of examination of an excessive amount of Covid-19 death, different estimates have been concluded, which is a measure of the people that are currently dying more than it had been previously expected as compared to the past recent few years.

It has been said by Justice MR Shah on Monday that the next of kin for the deceased individual that has been confirmed to be departed due to Covid-19 death are to be paid by the compensation by the government of India within a month after filing the application.

It has further been added by the Supreme Court that the compensation is mandatory to be paid within the next 30 days after the family of the deceased had filed their application.  In the month of June, petitioners have been able to seek out the intervention by the court for paying the compensatory amount to the families of the victims of Covid-19.

They stated that since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic has been specially notified as a type of natural disaster under the National Disaster Management Act of India, some compensatory amount should be given to the victims or their families from suffering from such losses.

Law for natural disaster

The law made in the year 2005 had been enacted to provide much efficient disaster management in the country, including preparation before time for strategies related to migration, capacity-building along with the compensatory amount that would be provided to the victim and their families in case of lives lost, traumatic injuries or property damage due to natural causes.

The law stated that monetary assistance is to be provided for the victims or their families for those who have lost their lives during a natural disaster, which is to about 400,000 rupees. As the coronavirus pandemic falls under natural disaster, the Covid-19 deaths in India are to be compensated by the government.

One of the lawyers that gave the petition in June said that he understands that the Indian government has spent a large amount of money to effectively manage the sudden onset of coronavirus pandemic in the region. It would have been better if the government had offered to provide the families of the victims fallen to Covid-19 deaths with compensation of 400,000 rupees as stated by the law. Or they would have tried to provide the poor families with a large sum of money as compared to the families that are already well-off. The process has the tendency to be better.

Compensation for Covid-19 victims

According to the Indian federal government, the compensatory amount for the victims of Covid-19 death, after it has been confirmed that the cause of death of the subject was the coronavirus disease as per the guidelines, are to be provided to the next of kin by the states.

Only two states of India, Rajasthan, and Kerala have said that these compensatory amounts towards the victims of Covid-19 death are bound to put pressure on the exchequers and that this funding should be provided by the country’s federal government.

A Rajasthani minister gave a public statement saying that in case of flood or hailstorms, the funding comes from the federal government, and as the coronavirus pandemic also falls under the category of natural disasters, the compensation should be provided by the Indian government.

It has yet to be confirmed regarding the amount that has been spent on these payouts by the government of India. In the month of August, the National Disaster Management Authority, which is under the direct supervision of the prime minister of the country, said that it had not been cleared regarding the amount of money that should be set aside for the victims.

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