India May Help Trump With Unproven Corona Drug

No Official Testing Has Proven Hydroxychloroquine to Be Effective against COVID 19

A Dangerous Step: India May Help Trump with Unproven Corona Drug

India may help Trump with unproven corona drug after considering a request which has been made by the United States President Donald Trump as he is expected to release a drug that would help fight the coronavirus pandemic, which has spread across the globe since its first outbreak report in China in December last year. India may help trump with unproven corona drug after Donald Trump had a telephone call with the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday as both leaders are on friendly terms, and recently, President Trump made a high profile trip to India in February.

Trump has also banned the manufacturers of hydroxychloroquine from stopping their export to other countries and from producing large amounts of the drug to be distributed across the United States even though it is yet to be proven effective for the treatment of COVID 19 by researchers.

Hydroxychloroquine for COVID 19 treatment

The usage of hydroxychloroquine is yet to be determined if it is effective for the treatment of COVID 19 without presenting any side effects to the human body. But regardless of the effectiveness to be officially proven, India may help Trump with unproven corona drug which might cost lives instead of saving them.

Hydroxychloroquine was discovered to be useful as an anti-malarial drug. The drug works very effectively for the treatment of malaria along with other autoimmune drugs, including lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. This is also suspected to be effective against antiviral agents due to which India may help Trump with unproven corona drug for the treatment for COVID 19 which has affected more than 336, 906 individuals across the country out of which around 18, 000 individuals have fully recovered back to their optimum health after experiencing mild symptoms of COVID 19.

According to President Donald Trump, The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved hydroxychloroquine to be used for the treatment of COVID 19, but the FDA has denied the claims. It was later corrected by the president that the drug has been approved for compassionate usage, which means that a medical professional can prescribe the drug in life-threatening conditions, which is yet to be approved officially by the government. Along with hydroxychloroquine, doctors can also prescribe the usage of chloroquine under fatal circumstances, as it has been previously registered by the FDA.

Can India help Donald Trump during COVID 19 pandemic?

Hydroxychloroquine is an over the counter medication and is easily available inexpensively at all pharmacies across the United States. But since the claims of President Donald Trump regarding hydroxychloroquine as the unproven COVID 19 treatment, the demand for the drug has been high due to which restrictions have been applied to its purchase and usage.

India may help Trump with unproven corona drug since they are one of the top manufacturers of hydroxychloroquine. India has also stopped its export of the drug without any exceptions due to the massive production order from the United States.

India itself is also suffering severely from the COVID 19 pandemic and is having a major spike in their infected patients. The total number of infected patients currently tested for COVID 19 is 4, 314, out of which 118 had died after acquiring the infection.

India may help Trump with unproven corona drug after increasing their production demands for the distribution of hydroxychloroquine inside the country, which is considered a priority and later to be sent outside the United States, which would help them fight against the pandemic.

According to the various virus and infectious disease experts across the world, hydroxychloroquine has not been proven to be completely effective against virus-like COVID 19, which is an essential part of the testing before it should be launched for the consumption of the general population as it might be harmful in some cases. 

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