Increasing Use of Surrogate Sex Therapy to Help Injured Israeli Soldiers

Sex Therapy with A Surrogate Partner Is Not Similar to Prostitution

In various countries throughout the world, the usage of surrogate sex therapy is considered a very controversial act and is generally not practiced widely across the globe. In surrogate sex therapy, an individual is hired to act as a sexual partner to the patient who had suffered from multiple physical traumas. In the country of Israel, surrogate sex therapy is available for the Israeli soldiers at the expense of the government of the country, for those who had been injured badly and clinically require sexual rehabilitation.

Sex therapy

The Tel Aviv room for consultation purposes of the Israeli sex therapist names Ronit Aloni is similar looking of which could be expected of her. In her office, a small but comfortable couch for the incoming clients and the walls contain various biological diagrams of both female and male genitalia, which are used during her session for explaining to the customers.

In the neighboring room from her office, space contains sofa beds along with scented candles; surprising things happen inside. This is the place where the paid surrogate partner helps the clients of Aloni and teaches them regarding forming intimate relationships and ultimately about sex.

The area does not look similar to that of a hotel room but is a more comfortable environment like a house or an apartment. The room designated for surrogate sex therapy contains a bed, along with a CD player, with erotic artwork painted all across the walls. An adjoining shower is also located in the place.

Sex therapy, which is conducted with the help of a sex partner, is similar in many ways to couples’ therapy, and in case if the individual does not have a partner, then the process could not be completed. The sex surrogates present at the time of surrogate sex therapy are there to role model as one of the partners in the couple.

Although the surrogate sex therapy has been labeled as prostitution, in the country of Israel, the surrogate partner therapy (SPT) is acceptable to a certain extent, that the government would cover the entire cost for the injured Israeli soldiers receiving the treatment, as their injuries could waver their ability to have sex in the future.

Reason behind surrogate sex therapy

According to the statement given by therapist Ronit Aloni, people require to feel that they would be able to provide pleasure to someone else, and they too have the ability to get pleasurable feelings from someone else. The individuals coming as clients to the sex therapist are coming to get therapy, not to get pleasure. She firmly said that surrogate sex therapy is not at all similar to the purpose of prostitution.

Around 85% of the sessions which are conducted during surrogate sex therapy are regarding communication with your partner, giving and receiving, touching and intimacy. This therapy is about learning to be a person along with relating with other individuals, by the time when the client is able to have a healthy sexual relationship, that signifies the end of the process.

First Israeli soldier to receive therapy

Mr. A, as he does not want to disclose his name, was one of the first few Israeli soldiers that received surrogate sex therapy, which was paid by the Ministry of Defense of Israel, after the individuals suffered from a life-changing incident that happened around 30 years ago when he was an army reservist.

After falling from a long-distance height, he was paralyzed from the waist down and unable to experience the pleasures of sex in ways that he was previously able to do.

When Mr. A was injured, he made himself a ‘to-do list’ filled with tasks that he should be able to do himself, like taking a bath, eating, dressing, driving, and being able to have sex independently.

When the accident occurred, he was already married and had a wife and children. His wife was not comfortable talking to therapists and doctors regarding her sex life, due to which he later encouraged her husband to seek surrogate sex therapy from Aloni.

Mr. A described that as a sex therapist, Aloni was able to provide accurate directions and feedback, which he, along with his surrogate partner, was able to comprehend before and after each therapeutic session.

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