Increasing numbers of Homeless students in USA

Homeless Students Has Increased To 1.5 Million; Alarming For The USA.

Homelessness Can Impose Lifetime Effects on A Person

The national center for homeless education published a report last month on Increasing numbers of Homeless students in USA who are experiencing homelessness in the school year 2017-2018. This report showed that the population of homeless students rose to 1.5 million, which is the highest rate of homeless US student population than in the past.

Condition of the homeless student in the US

The homeless students in USA are suppressed to live with friends or other unknown families after they leave or lose their homes. Moreover, almost 7% of the students live in cars and abandoned buildings, according to the report shown by the national center of homeless education, which is based at the University of North Caroline. The children get homeless due to the parents’ separation, family or property issue, unaffordable housing, upload crisis, domestic violence, fled abuse or neglect.

Natural disasters like earthquakes, fluids or fire destruction can also be one of the reasons for their homelessness. The homeless students in USA is considerably high from past decades and therefore, the experts called it a problematic situation for the intellectual and academic growth of the student as it negatively affects the mental, emotional and physical health of the students.

Moreover, the study has shown that the homeless students in USA were not performing well in their studies and scored lower than average in science and math; however, the ratio of homeless students in USA who can read adequately was less than one third.

The homeless students in USA face several social issues and insecurities, and therefore they are mostly left behind. The director of the Grow Clinic at Boston Medical Center is of the view that instability in having a residence and proper has a direct impact on the children well being and their developmental growth. It also results in their health outcomes as they may not get proper attention. According to him, the ripple effect is really related to homelessness.

Why numbers of homeless students in USA are increasing?

Homelessness is the growing issue in the US, which is associated with the national housing crisis because millions of people are homeless, and the report showed that they could not afford expensive housing and they cannot buy a house. People are pressurized to live in caravans or inadequate housing due to increasing rents and changing the economy or the rise of the insecure gig economy that made the people unable to afford housing rent.

According to the University of California William institute, the disproportionate numbers of homeless youth are LGBT. Millions of people are addicted to the drug which is the biggest cause of families’ breakup and leads the children to leave their homes. Family rejection and domestic abuse or violence, are the major reason for homelessness in the students.

How to stop the increasing rate of homeless students in USA?

The genuine and obvious solution to this problem is achieved by providing people with more and affordable housing so the families can easily rent or buy a house for living. Moreover, the government should provide aid and housing to the people who are suffering from trauma, addiction, accident, or natural disaster. These people should also be given financial support so they can bear their daily expenses and have stability in their life.

A genuine and solid action must be there to decrease and ultimately end homelessness among students. A proper policy and measures to end this problem should be presented in the guidelines. The ripple effect of homelessness is very cruel because it affects personality and children’s well being miserable. As a result, they cannot live a quality life and pass the career ladder in the future. Social and government responsibility should be at the center to stop increasing homelessness among students.

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