Impeachment Trial of Donald Trump Is Constitutional: US Senate

Lawyers Were Forced To Hide Under Their Desks from Violent Rioters on January 6

The United States Senate has been able to found that the impeachment trial of Donald Trump, previous President of the country is constitutional, and has allowed for all proceedings to go forward. The defense team of lawyers for Trump has argued that the ex-President of the United States could not face a public trial at court after leaving his Office in the White House.

Trial after January 6 riot

For the proceedings to continue according to its schedule, a vote was taken, which was also in favor for further continuing the case in court by 56-44, in which several Republicans also in support for the impeachment trial of Donald Trump. The 45th United States President Donald Trump has been accused of inciting insurrection, for the time when Congress has been stormed with violent protestors in favor of Trump in the month of January this year.

Thousands of individuals were able to gather in the city of Washington DC in support of Trump after his false claim regarding electoral fraud became widespread, and is the reason behind the defeat of Donald Trump in the presidential election that occurred in November last year. The Trump impeachment trial is set to go on further in the upcoming months.

Meanwhile, the ex-president believes that he will almost certainly be acquitted from the impeachment trial of Donald Trump as only six Republican senators have given their vote to move on further in the forward direction with the impeachment trial. This quantity is less than the requirement as 17 Republican senators are needed for Trump to be convicted for the impeachment against the United States government.

The Democratic politicians who are persecuting the case of the impeachment trial of Donald Trump have been able to open the legal proceedings for the lawsuit by showing a dramatic video footage shot at the time when the violent outburst by the public demonstrators present outside the Congress happened on January 6, caused by false acquisitions by Trump.

The Representative present for the case, Jamie Raskin, stated that this video footage is physical evidence of high crime along with a misdemeanor caused by Donald Trump, and if this is not an impeachable felony, then there is no such crime exists.

The team of defense lawyers in the impeachment trial of Donald Trump has given the argument that it is an unconstitutional act for putting a former president of the United States through the trial process and accusing the Democratic senators of being motivated politically.

To convict Donald Trump for the impeachment against the government of the United States, a two-third majority votes are required in the entire senate comprising of 100 seats. The casting of votes done on Tuesday has implied loyalty towards Trump in his party, which has remained high enough to avoid the conviction of the former president.

However, if the impeachment trial of Donald Trump ends in a conviction, he would be barred from holding the Office again throughout his remaining years in life.

Legalized proceedings on Tuesday

The trial started with the managers for impeachment, which was the Democrats that have been assigned for leading of the prosecution, who has argued that their attempts were completely legitimate.

During the 10 minutes long duration video footage displayed in the presentation, Donald Trump was observed as he was telling his supporters to fight before they were able to infiltrate into the Congress and caused a riot, which ended in the death of five individuals, including an officer f the local police department.

Numerous people were scared for their families at the time when the riot turned into a violent protest as they were separated due to the large number of people gathered outside.

During the impeachment trial of Donald Trump, Rep Raskin stated that the United States should not have individuals in the position of the president of the country when they are the ones who are mobilizing and inciting mob violence against the government and institutions, just because they are in refusal to accept the will of the residents under the constitutional order of the United States.

The situation caused by Trump on January 6 should not be the future of the country. After which, the Trump lawyers took the stand to outline their point of argument, which included detailed allegations and complaints about the process and constitutionality of the legal proceedings.

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