Hundreds of Thousands of Prisons Are Released Due To Coronavirus

UN And WHO Urged For Release to Prevent Catastrophe

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To prevent further transmission of COVID-19 infection in the inmates of multiple correctional facilities across the world, hundreds of thousands of prisons are released to eliminate the spreading of coronavirus as the areas have become dangerously powerful breeding grounds for COVID-19 due to the large number of people living inside closed quarters.

The government has announced regarding hundreds of thousands of prisons are released to prevent the prisoners from acquiring COVID-19 along with any life-threatening conditions and even fatalities.

Releasing of prisoners amid COVID-19 pandemic

Due to the coronavirus pandemic affecting the general population across the world, hundreds of thousands of prisons are released across the globe, to prevent a surge in confirmed coronavirus patients. This pandemic has also encouraged the inmates to rebel against the chronic problems continuously found in multiple correctional facilities, including filth, overcrowding, and limited access to the healthcare facilities.

Brazil contains some of the most overcrowded and largest correctional facility systems, in which the prisoners have recorded multiple videos of threatening to kill the guards if the conditions inside the prison are not improved by the government.

Inside a correctional facility in Colombia, the prisoners started a riot that lasted for a month as they were concerned regarding acquiring the coronavirus due to which hundreds of thousands of prisons are released across the world.

Prisoners got angered and started a riot inside a Buenos Aires penitentiary while climbing the roof and burning mattresses in protest due to the lack of personal preventive equipment against COVID-19 infection provided to the inmates in the facility along with making a banner that said that they refuse to die inside the prison. Hundreds of thousands of prisons are released to eliminate prisoners from getting this contagious disease.

Prevention against coronavirus in prisons

As the COVID-19 pandemic is showing no signs of slowing down and every country across the world in under lockdown, the United Nations along with World Health Organization and Human rights activists have advised and urged multiple governments to reduce the population of inmates inside the correctional facilities in a swift and orderly manner due to which hundreds of thousands of prisons are released across the globe.

As most of the prisons are overcrowded up to a dangerous limit, if they are neglected during the COVID-19 pandemic, the results could become potentially catastrophic, costing multiple thousands of lives due to which hundreds of thousands of prisons are released to save the lives of inmates along with the security staff working in those correctional facilities.

Around 125 countries across the world hold more prisoners than the prison has the capacity to hold, out of which 20 have more than twice the number of prisoners in the correctional facility has the capability to hold and secure.

The advice regarding hundreds of thousands of prisons are released being followed by multiple governments across the world as 555 prisoners have been infected in Mainland China with COVId-19 infection due to lack of healthcare safety and living in close proximity. To prevent further risk of transmission of the infection, the government dismissed several wardens due to their negligence to prevent the coronavirus outbreak, forbade personal visits, and increased the number of guards around the area for security.

In some of the correctional facilities, a designated building has been assigned for the coronavirus patients comprising of inmates and guards to be observed under strict isolation to prevent further spread of the infection. Prisoners from a Shandong detention center were taken to a hotel in isolation.

Even though the penitentiaries were closed for all personal prison visits, the officials were not able to impose the protocols of social distancing in the facility resulting in further spread of infection-causing hundreds of thousands of prisoners to be released without fulfillment of their sentence.

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