Hundreds of Deaths Linked To Fire Smoke in Australia

More than 440 individuals died for which $1.2 billion have been allotted for their families

Hundreds of deaths linked to fire smoke in Australia, along with multiple individuals’ hospitalized and extensive damage to public and private property. It has been estimated that around 445 deaths have occurred due to fire smoke, out of which 30 were due to direct contact with the blazing fire. 4,000 residents of the surrounding area have been hospitalized over the duration of several months due to the blazing fire smoke.

Thousands of residential houses have been decimated into ash in 2019 and 2020 wild forest fires.

Forest Wildfires in Australia

The wildfires over an extensive area in Australia burned for several weeks before the firefighters and rescue workers were able to contain and eliminate it completely. A small wildfire in the forest became blazing and uncontrollable, causing of death of hundreds of people in the area along with massive air pollution that is injurious to health.

Hundreds of deaths linked to fire smoke in Australia lead to the suggestion by the controlling authorities to improve the response team for multiple natural disasters. It has been recorded that these raging wildfires have caused damage to private and public property of more than 11 million hectares (equivalent to 110,000 sq km), including forests, bush, and parks across the country of Australia.

The forest fire was recorded to have intense temperatures, multiple months of severe drought, along with devastating communities from shock and severe climatic changes along with hundreds of deaths linked to fire smoke in Australia.

In the capital of Australia, Sydney suffered from the most exceeded levels of hazardous smoke, which stayed for several weeks, limiting view area, resulting in a decreased field of vision to even land an aircraft. Multiple flights to and from the city were canceled and delayed for long periods due to poor visibility to take off or land the plane.

Other major cities of Australia, including Adelaide and Canberra, were also shrouded by smoke. The residents of the states of Victoria and New South Wales suffered terribly during the wildfires as multiple residents were trapped inside their burning homes, and thousands of houses crumbled to dust due to the rapid spread of the wildfires.

After-effects of Australian wildfires

There have been hundreds of deaths linked to fire smoke in Australia, along with causing excessive environmental issues in the region. It has been estimated that around 80% of the total population of Australia, comprising of 20 million individuals have been affected by the severe wildfires inside the country.

3,340 people have been hospitalized along with 1,373 emergency room visitations have been recorded interlinked with excessive smoke inhalation caused by the forest fires in Australia. The impact on the body’s respiratory system was due to the harmful impact of ultrafine particles in the smoke, referred to as PM2.5. These particles have the size of one-ninth as compared with a grain of sand and were found in hundreds of deaths linked to fire smoke in Australia.

Monitoring of Financial issues resulting from wildfires

It has been estimated that $1.3 billion have been associated with premature loss of life as hundreds of deaths linked to fire smoke in Australia along with multiple admissions into hospitals. This cost is 10 times increased as compared to previous recent years. This amount does not include ambulance fees, loss of productivity, and impacts of other diseases.

The insurance claims made by thousands of people who lost their residence to the wildfires are commissioned to the total amount of AUD 2.2 billion. The funding is scheduled to be released by August 31.  Even though bushfires and wildfires are often the occurring types of natural disasters, there has been no improvement in the rescue teams despite multiple recommendations and inquiries on the matter.

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