Hundreds more evacuated as lava spews from Canary Islands volcanos, Sparking Fears of Toxic Gas

Several villages have been completely evacuated of residents as molten lava continues to gush towards the sea

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A massive volcano has been erupting in the area of La Palma, which is located amid the Canary Island volcanos in Spain, which has forced the concerned authorities to immediately evacuate the villages that are in the pathway of the molten lava which is gushing towards the sea. The evacuation process of the city of El Paso has been ordered after one of the Canary Island volcanos started to spew hot lava from a new crack that has formed in the Cumbre Vieja volcano.

Due to the eruption of one of the Canary Island volcanos, more than six thousand residents in the region have been evacuated, as the lava had burned hundreds of buildings in its way towards the sea since its eruption that began on Sunday.

Sudden deadly crisis in Spain

Soon after the newly formed eruption vent had occurred in the volcano, four consecutive earthquakes rocked the surface of the islands. According to the local officials, the lava that had flown out of the eruption from the Canary Islands volcano could possibly trigger a chemical reaction that could be caused multiple explosions to occur, along with the area-wide release of gasses that are potentially toxic in nature when it will reach the sea.

It has been established by the marine authorities that an exclusion zone comprising of two nautical miles (which is equal to about 3.7 kilometers) is formed at sea, in the area where the lava is forecasted to be headed.

This has been formed to prevent any onlookers that could be present in the surrounding area from watching the boats and prevent any hazardous gasses to directly affect any individual.

The experts have said that the lava from the Canary Island volcano has been expected to reach the sea at some time on Tuesday. The residents of the area have been advised to stay far away from the affected area, which has also been cordoned off by the local police department.

In the meantime, the flow of the molten lava from the Canary Island volcano continues on its path down the western flank of the volcano and has destroyed every single thing that has fallen into its way towards the sea.

In the morning on Tuesday, the lava has been recorded to have covered more than 103 hectares of land and have completely destroyed about 166 residential houses, which has been estimated by the Copernicus service of the European Union. According to an image captured by satellite, the clear pathway of the lava flow has been observed from down the mountain.

It has been reported by the mayor of El Paso that more than 300 houses have been destroyed due to the lava that has erupted from the Canary Island volcano. Up till now, no casualty has been reported across the city, but according to the footage, it has been observed that the lava has overwhelmed the farms, swimming pools, and roads across the Island, which is a major hotspot for tourists.

Mandatory orders for complete evacuation have been given to four villages, which include El Paso along with Los Llanos de Aridane, while the residents from the areas have been set up in temporary shelters.

Catastrophic condition

The residents of the villages are worried regarding the severe condition caused by the eruption of one of the Canary Island volcanos, as they do not have any information about the time frame for when they would be permitted to go back to their homes.

Many people fear that their homes might have been engulfed by the hot molten lava, as some of the people have left their pets at home while fleeing from the village. As the order for immediate mass evacuation was sudden, the general population of the region did not have any time to prepare.

Some of the people have lost their homes along with their small businesses that were also located near it, resulting in a catastrophic condition for many. It has been confirmed that due to the onset of the eruption of the Canary Island volcano, one primary school has also been fully destroyed by the continuous flow of lava across the villages. The director of the school said that more than half of the 23 children’s families had lost their homes due to the ongoing natural disaster.

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