How Religious Duties and Festivals Observed Amid Coronavirus Pandemic?

Multiple Religions Are Affected By the Crisis

Every Religion of the World Is Affected With COVID 19

The COVID 19 pandemic has affected each, and every individual across the planet as the pandemic has spread to 209 countries and territories across the world out which many are totally under lockdown to prevent further spread of the virus, including how religious duties and festivals observed amid coronavirus pandemic which has already infected 1, 469, 223 individuals across the globe since its first case diagnosed in Mainland China four months ago.

This respiratory disease affects the upper respiratory tract and has flu-like common symptoms, which include fever, tiredness, and frequent dry cough, along with difficulty in breathing. COVID 19 can be easily prevented by following proper hygiene. Multiple problems have arisen due to this, including how religious duties and festivals observed amid coronavirus pandemic.

Religious duties in many regions across the world during the pandemic

After the death of 85,477 individuals across the world due to this COVID 19 pandemic, it has been decided by governments of multiple countries to initiate country wide lockdown, which would limit and prevent further spread of the infection which has affected how religious duties and festivals observed amid coronavirus pandemic.

The most affected religious duty during the coronavirus pandemic is Islamic prayer. The Muslims are obliged to pray five times a day, preferably in Mosques present in their communities. But due to the pandemic, the Adhan or the call for prayer has been slightly changed to remind people to pray while staying inside their homes, safe from the pandemic. Many activities are affected across the world, along with how religious duties and festivals observed amid coronavirus pandemic.

Social distancing measures are being observed around the world, which is greatly affecting how religious duties and festivals observed amid coronavirus pandemic. The Church meetings are also being postponed to help limit the spread of COVID 19 as the infected patient count is increasing day by day around the world, even though all safety preventive measures have been initiated in many countries globally.

Easter and Ramadan are also fast approaching and will be greatly affected by the COVID 19 crisis. During the month of Ramadan, Muslims are abstained from eating and drinking from Dawn till Dusk, which is a way to show their devotion to Allah almighty and their faith. This month is celebrated in remembrance of the revelation of the Holy Quran to the Prophet Muhammad.

The general population around the world is advised to stay at home and celebrate these events by following social distancing. To provide essential sermons to the community, the online platform is greatly being used during the crisis.

Festivals across the world during COVID 19 spread

The evening of April 8 is one of the most important religious events celebrated in Jews, which is the beginning of Passover. During this day, Jews, families, along with their friends, usually sit together and have special meals, read the religious text, tell multiple stories, and sing. This religious event is held in the light of remembering how Moses lead their ancestors out of Egypt and saved their lives away from slavery. Due to the crisis, Jews cannot invite their family and close friends to their homes for the Seder meal.

Easter, celebrated worldwide by Christians on April 12, is the day to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ after his crucifixion. Easter is the most important Christian’s event of the year. During this day, the people gather in the Church, which might not be possible this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. Rituals and sacraments, which were normally conducted in the Church, will now be communicated over the Zoom app.

During the Holi event, which is a festival celebrated by the Hindu community by using different color powder to color each other, was also conducted under the coronavirus lockdown and has greatly affected the mood of the celebrators across the community due to strict orders of social distancing. Along with global economic recession and unemployment issues, problems have arisen on how religious duties and festivals observed amid coronavirus pandemic.

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