Heatwave Causes Dozens of Dead in Canada

Possibility to Wild Fires Have Become Extreme Concern for Firefighters, Possibly Sparked by Thunderstorms Occurring Due to Changing Weather Patterns

Dozens of individuals have reportedly died in Canada amid the exceptional heatwave that has broken the previously recorded temperature of weather. In the area of Vancouver, the police department has recently responded to more than 130 deaths caused suddenly since Friday last week. Most of them had been the elderly population or had suffered from an underlying medical condition, with the current Canada heatwave being a contributing factor.

Extreme Heatwave

The current Canada heatwave has broken its own record of weather temperature for a third time in the past consecutive days on Tuesday, with the logged heat being 49.6C (equivalent to 121.3 F) in the city of Lytton, British Columbia.

The northwest region of the United States has also recorded high temperatures, along with a number of causalities.

According to the weather experts, the climatic changes that are currently being experienced are expected to further increase in frequency during extreme weather events, including heatwaves. Although, proving a link of any single specified weather event with an overall complicating global warming is difficult.

The Canada heatwave over the western parts of the country along with the United States has occurred due to the formation of a dome of static high-pressure hot air that is stretched from the region of California to the northern Arctic territories. The increased hot temperature has been slightly easing in the coastal areas, although there has not been a drastic change in the regions inland.

Before the last Sunday, the highest recorded weather temperature in Canada had never surpassed 45C.

The Premier of British Columbia, John Horgan, has said that the hottest week due to the Canada heatwave which has ever been experienced by the province had led towards disastrous consequences for the living families and various communities.

The increasing amount of causalities related to the Canada heatwave is likely to further rise as some of the areas of the country have given the statement saying that they have been able to respond to calls regarding sudden fatalities, but the combined data is yet to be reported.

In the city of Vancouver alone, the hot weather is believed to be a major contributing factor in causing unexpected mortalities of 65 individuals since the Friday of last week.

Fluctuating routines

Police Sergeant Steve Addison has said that he had been a law enforcement officer for the past 15 years, and he had never for once experienced this amount of sudden unexpected mortalities in such a short period of time which have occurred due to the record-breaking Canada heatwave. Three to four deaths per day is an expected normal number. He also said that that family members are coming back to their residences or relatives’ homes and finding out that they have been deceased.

Dozens of law enforcement officers have been redeployed across the city, while the escalating volume of emergency calls in relation to the Canada heatwave that is being received has created a backlog, causing a depletion in the number of police resources.

The Chief Coroner of British Columbia, Lisa Lapointe, has stated that 100 more causalities than the normal amount had been reported in the time duration from Friday till Monday.

The small village of Lytton, which is located around 155 miles (equivalent to 250 km) east of the city of Vancouver in the state of British Columbia, and is not much far away from the city of London, has recently recorded the highest weather temperature of all Canada.

One of the residents said that it has almost become impossible to go outside in the current weather. The temperature is intolerable. The residents of the area are trying to stay as much indoors as possible. The people are generally used to the heat, but at 30C, it is a dry heat, which is very different from 47C.

Many of the residents throughout British Columbia are not equipped with air conditioning as the surrounding temperature is usually very mild, even during the summer months.

One of the residents in Vancouver has said that the hotels across the city have sold out, as individuals have flocked inside due to the air conditioning facility. He also added that this extreme weather has never been seen before and has hoped to never experience this again.

The weather service of the country, Environment Canada, has issued a public warning regarding the Canada heatwave, for the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia, along with areas of Manitoba, Northwest Territories, and Saskatchewan.

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