Health Minister of New Zealand Resigned After Virus Blunders

Interim Health Minister Has Been Appointed Until September

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David Clark, Health Minister of New Zealand resigned after virus blunders made by him and criticism from the public about the government’s approach to dealing with the coronavirus pandemic in the region. David Clark was also recently demoted as he broke one of the major lockdown restrictions by taking his family to the beach.

The Health Minister of New Zealand resigned after virus blunders, saying that if he continues with his position, it might distract the overall government’s response against the coronavirus outbreak in the region.  The Prime Minister, Jacinda Arden, has confirmed the news on Thursday by accepting his letter of resignation. New Zealand is one of the first few countries that were able to completely eliminate coronavirus from their region by following tight safety operating protocols for the time duration of multiple weeks.

New Zealand response to coronavirus pandemic

The total number of confirmed coronavirus cases reported in New Zealand is 1,530, out of which only 22 individuals have died, and 1,490 were successfully able to recover from the viral infectious pathogen. In the previous month of June, all coronavirus lockdown restrictions were removed across the country, declaring the nation as COVID-19 free.

But due to certain issues that occurred in the last month and might have exaggerated the infection, the Health Minister of New Zealand resigned after virus blunders.

There were multiple issues faced by the government regarding their handling capability of COVID-19 and isolation facilities for quarantine and treatment of infected patients. For instance, two individuals were allowed to leave early from an isolation facility located in New Zealand, to be able to attend to their dying parent, without proper testing for the infectious pathogen and were later tested positive for COVID-19.

Resignation of David Clark from Health Minister

David Clark, the Health Minister of New Zealand resigned after virus blunders. He said in a statement that he takes full responsibility for his actions, which might have had a negative impact on the limitation and prevention of coronavirus pandemic in the country.  He also said that there is no compelling evidence that suggests that his actions have to lead to a rapid community transmission in the area. This is now the appropriate time to move past these issues.

Previously, David Clark was under immense pressure from the government as he has violated and breached several lockdown restrictions while he was the health minister due to which David Clark from his post as Health Minister of New Zealand resigned after virus blunders. In the month of April and the first week of coronavirus lockdown in the country, David Clark was demoted for going to the beach 20 kilometers away from his home.

Later, he also went for mountain biking amid coronavirus lockdown, but this was not a clear violation as the drive to the beach.

Due to these breaches in restrictions, David Clark also previously tried to resign from his post as Health Minister of New Zealand, but his letter of resignation was denied so that he could keep his post and eliminate the growing issue of coronavirus outbreak inside the country.

Now the Prime Minister of New Zealand has agreed with the decision of David Clark and accepted the resignation of the Health Minister as this step is essential to the healthcare leadership of the country. It is also required to keep the trust, confidence, and safety of the general population of New Zealand amid coronavirus pandemic.

After the finalization of the decision of the Health Minister of New Zealand resigned after virus blunders in the country, the interim Health Minister appointed is the current Educational minister of New Zealand, Chris Hipkins. A New and proper Health Minister will be appointed after the elections in the month of September.

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