Hardest Battles In The War On COVID-19 Could Be To Open The Schools

Germany Is The Only Country Which Has Reopened Educational Institutions

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The price the entire world had to pay for the coronavirus pandemic is displeasing and eye-watering, fighting multiple battles in the war on COVID-19 including the massive loss of innocent lives across the globe, along with loss of employment, long term health issues and the economic recession of countries due to nationwide lockdown restrictions. It is expected that the sufferings from this coronavirus outbreak across the world has just begun and will only end until a viable vaccination is produced. Even though in many areas across the globe, numerous countries have begun reopening after being shut down for several weeks due to excessive infection transmission, but the most intense battles in the war on COVID-19 would be the reopening of the educational system that has been closed since the start of the outbreak and is still closed in multiple countries.

War against COVID-19

The age group that is likely to be the most affected by the coronavirus pandemic and will suffer from the hardships and consequences of the COVID-19 outbreak is the youth population of the world as compared to the older and geriatric age group. This is because one of the toughest battles in the war on COVID-19 is the loss of the education year, which has a negative impact on the youth. Yesterday, the United Nations Secretary-General stated that the world is currently facing a generational catastrophe due to the closure of all educational institutions that are now depriving the children of their right to education.

The top priority of the United Nations now is the reopen the educational system as soon and safely as possible to reduce the negative effect on the children that might last for a long time. The decisions taken by the governments of the countries will have a direct impact on hundreds of millions of the younger population for the upcoming decades. The reopening of educational institutes is the toughest battles in the war on COVID-19.

Across the globe, only one country is addressing this issue sooner rather than later is Germany. On Monday, the local schools located on the northeast side of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, a German state, has reopened their schooling system, while following all necessary standard operating protocols to prevent coronavirus infection transmission in the area. All students must follow the compulsory mask-wearing, along with hygiene guidelines and social distancing.

All students across Germany are expected to follow through the preventive guidelines in the upcoming weeks as the government has announced to resume all lectures to be conducted in person. Guidance regarding the use of facemasks and social distancing protocols followed by teachers and students is varied from state to state. All these efforts are being conducted against the hardest battles in the war on COVID-19, which is the resuming of in-person education.

To combat the growing problem of increasing coronavirus cases in the country, Germany started their testing service in the initial period of the spread of infection, due to which the country was able to control the rapid spread of coronavirus infection across the region.

Reopening of educational institutes worldwide

Even though there are a large number of coronavirus cases in England, the government has committed to reopening all educational institutions across the country and resumes in-person lectures in the upcoming month of September while following the safety guidelines to prevent escalation in the number of coronavirus cases.

Multiple schooling systems are expected to be reopened by the start or mid of September as the children have suffered in a negative way due to the closure of all educational buildings since the start of coronavirus pandemic. Across the world, multiple countries are fighting tough battles in the war on COVID-19, which is the resuming of all educational institutions.

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