Hana Kimura: Japanese Wrestler Died At 22

Cause of Her Death Might Be Cyberbullying

Cause of Her Death Might Be Cyberbullying

Hana Kimura was a Japanese professional wrestler, who also appeared at Terrace House, a Netflix original reality show. The Japanese wrestler died at 22 years of age, with the cause of death still unknown. Hana Kimura’s organization, Stardom Wrestling, has confirmed the news. Shortly, just before the death of Kimura, the star was having multiple social media issues, implying that the Japanese wrestler was being cyber bullied.

Hana Kimura’s social life

The most recent Instagram story update featured a picture of herself with her pet cat, with the caption reading ‘goodbye’. The Japanese wrestler died at 22, has been a cast member of a reality show by Netflix called Terrace House, but the production of the show was suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic. The show follows the lives of three women and three men while they live secluded inside a house for a temporary amount of time.

Hana Kimura also had a promising wrestling career. Recently, she has won the 2019 Stardom Fighting Spirit Award. Her mother, Kyoko Kimura, has also been a popular Japanese wrestler.

Death of Japanese wrestler at 22 years

Hana Kimura, a popular Japanese Wrestler died at 22 on Saturday. The organization Kimura worked for confirmed the news while telling her fans to be peaceful and respectful to her and her family. Multiple concerns regarding a series of self-harm images posted by Kimura were raised, along with multiple messages, including that she does not want to be a human anymore, in her life she wanted to be loved and that she loves her fans.

After going through her social media accounts, it was later confirmed that the Japanese Wrestler had been a target of thousands of mean tweets from her fans and critics globally on a daily basis. After Japanese Wrestler died at 22, her fans and prominent figures in the industry spoke regarding the harmful effects of cyberbullying and its direct impact on an individual’s mental health on social media platforms to increase awareness.

Tribute to Hana Kimura

As soon as the news of Japanese wrestler died at 22 confirmed, multiple well-known people in the industry were very heartbroken to hear the news. The Impact World Champion Tessa Blanchard said that she is very sad and devastated regarding how much cruelty people can show on social media.

Other popular wrestling stars were grieved after hearing the news of Hana Kimura’s demise at a very young age. People said that they were honored to have known and worked together with Kimura as she had an immense passion for her work.

Wrestling journalist Adam Pacitti wrote that Hanu Kimura’s death helps portray the harmful and serious effects of excessive use of social media on mental health. Among all the ones who paid tribute to Hana Kimura, the popular Japanese wrestler died at 22; British professional wrestler Jamie Hayter also dedicated a tweet to her.

Effects of social media on mental health

Here are some of the factors that are involved in affecting the mental health of a social media user.

Self Esteem is the most important factor in a person’s mental health. Comparing yourself with multiple social media stars with perfect Instagram photos does not solve the issue. According to a recent study, those people who do not use social media often tend to be more happy and satisfied than those who use it every day.

Human connection is very important for making personal connections with people. But the process becomes hard when everyone is more interested in their cell phones as compared to their real lives. A social media platform helps capture memories, but might distort the way a person remembers the event.

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