Hacking Of Security Cameras Being Investigated By The Firm

Various Major Companies Have Been Targeted Through The Breach, Including Cloudflare And Tesla

Around 150,000 were involved in the hacking of security cameras, which have been installed in various hospitals, schools, along business firms in various areas around the world. The breach is currently under investigation by the company which manufactured and installed them. After the hacking of security cameras, including those which are installed in multiple high-profile firms, including the electrical automobile makers Tesla. The hackers have claimed that they have successfully been able to breach the firewall of Verkada, the security firm that owns the security cameras.

Cyberattack on major security firm

The video footage from cameras was obtained by the hijacking party from several sites which were involved in the hacking of security cameras, including clinics, psychiatric hospitals, prisons, along head offices of Verkada. Soon after the hack, the security company informed the local law enforcement department about taking immediate required action against the perpetrators.

The scale and size of the hacking of security cameras are yet to be confirmed by the company, as they are currently looking into and investigating the scope of this unauthorized malware issue.

Among the data which have been reported to be involved during the hacking of security cameras is the recently developed fast transportation start-up by Richard Branson Virginia Hyperloop, that is currently being tested out in a facility located outside of Las Vegas and is 500 meters long.

Cloudflare, a software providing firm, stated that they had been alerted of possible hacking of security cameras at their offices located in various places throughout the world.

One of the security camera by Verkada installed in a psychiatric medical facility in Florida recorded video footage which showed eight hospital staff workers tackling with an individual and using force to pin him to his bed. Another footage showed insides of a police station located in Stoughton, Massachusetts, which showed the police officers questioning an individual while he was still wearing handcuffs.

One of the videos which have surfaced showed the inside area of the assembling facility owned by Elon Musk’s firm Tesla situated in the Chinese capital city of Shanghai and showed the staff working on the automobile assembly line.

Some of the other videos which have been leaked after the hacking of security cameras owned by Verkada are yet to be verified.

Unsophisticated hacking process

The hackers have also claimed publically that they have been able to gain access to the security footage by the hacking of security cameras of the time when where an armed gunman murdered more than 20 individuals in the year 2012 at the site of Sandy Hook Elementary School located in Newtown, Connecticut.

TilleKottmann has claimed all credit for gaining access into Verkada’s main system and hijacking 150,000 security cameras. According to Kottmann, the reason behind the hacking of security cameras was loads of curiosity, fighting to gain freedom of information and against academic property, along with anti-capitalism and anarchism; besides, the task was too much fun to not do it.

The cybersecurity hijacking attack on Verkada’s malware was an easy and unsophisticated process and only required the usage of a super admin account, through which they were able to gain access to all files stored by the security firm without having to do much work.

According to Verkada, they have been able to block all channels through which the cyberattack could be continued, and the hackers have lost all previously gained access to archives and live video footage of the 150,000 cameras. All internal administrative accounts of the firm have also been temporarily disabled to prevent any further access through unauthorized means.

The cyberattack is currently being thoroughly investigated due to its large scale of involved areas, as 150,000 devices were involved during the hacking of security cameras of Verkada, by the internal and external security teams regarding the scope and scale of the attack, and the help of local law enforcement is also being taken to resolve the issue.

An additional helpline has been set up by the firm to provide assistance and support for their customers.

According to Cloudflare, they were soon informed regarding the hacking of security cameras that have been installed at entry and exit points of some of their offices located in various areas across the world. Fortunately, the cameras by Verkada had been installed in those facilities, which have been shut down for the past several months.

No official statement has been given by Tesla regarding the leaked video feed of their Shanghai assembly factory.

This breach of around 150,000 security cameras owned by Verkada has come soon after the detailed account for the hack involving Microsoft Exchange began surfacing. The attack used the previously already known flaws in the system and used it to their advantage to steal sensitive information from their targeted networks.

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