Gun Shops Become Essential Businesses during a Pandemic in USA

Sales Have Surged, and People Are Standing Outside Shops to Buy Firearms

Fear of Death Prevails All Over the Country

The coronavirus pandemic has infected 199 countries and territories across the globe, along with two international conveyances due to which panic and chaos has spread worldwide. Due to the increasing number of infected individuals daily, the general population of the United States had gone into a state of panic, which leads to panic buying groceries and other necessities of household items. As the pandemic is increasing, Gun shops become essential businesses as people have started buying the arsenal of weapons to protect themselves.

Increased distribution of guns and ammunition

Due to the pandemic, the government has initiated a state of lockdown in several major cities of the United States, which has a major rise in infected patients. The general population is not allowed in public places, including parks, restaurants, and bars, the educational sector has been closed down for two months, and all corporate offices are shut down as workers are advised to work from home.

All general supermarkets and pharmacies are allowed to be open in their designated hours along with all healthcare facilities across the country to provide medical care to the public sector without any hindrance during the pandemic. The same protocol is being followed in all countries which are infected by COVID 19 since its outbreak three months ago in the Chinese city of Wuhan of which 742,444 individuals are yet confirmed of acquiring the infection.

The lockdown, which is instated anywhere around the world in implied on all individuals except health care workers, utility workers, law enforcement, military troops, food production companies, and communication and internet service providers. In some of the states in America, golf, guns, and ganja have been classified as essential products in the life crisis by which gun shops become essential businesses.

In some places, alcohol consumption is also added to the loss. In the UK, all liquor stores were to be shut down, but since all supermarkets ran out of beers, wine, and spirits, liquor stores were opened up at ones.

According to the President of Every town for Gun Safety, guns would not be able to help anyone against COVID 19 after gun shops become essential businesses due to a surge in retail sales. This would be a risk for several communities if guns are not stored properly and are being sold without complete background checks on each buyer.

Gun shops become essential businesses during the pandemic, and people might use armed firearms out of fear that is created by COVID 19. For instance, a man pulled out his gun on two women in a post office for wearing face masks as he was worried that those women might have coronavirus.

Is it essential to carry a firearm during the pandemic?

It is definitely not essential to carry a loaded firearm during the pandemic as the fight against the virus cannot be fought by using blunt force. The use of armed guns in public could lead to serious trauma to innocent human lives as people are hysterical and panicking due to COVID 19. During these chaotic times as gun shops become essential businesses that might lead to misuse of those firearms and will cost the lives of people without fault.

According to the senior vice president for government and public affairs Lawrence Keane, gun shops become essential businesses to be opened during the pandemic along with food; water, shelter, and proper medical care system are essential elements for survival. The public should be properly equipped to handle the situation to save the lives of their loved ones, property, and business should the situation arise. In Miami, Florida, 13,192 sales were recorded in a single day as compared to the last year’s data of selling 2,646 firearms on the same day.

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