GM announces a new electrical vehicle platform and battery: Growing competition in the electric car industry

The latest and innovative game-changing electric car battery.

New Electrical Vehicle Platform and Battery

In December 2019, General Motors announced that they had made a joint venture with LG Chem of $2.3 billion, which is a significant step in the growing competition in the electric car industry. This is for building a battery factory in Ohio that would be for the new generations of electrified cars by General Motors as they have recently announced to develop the third generation of battery-operated cars specifically called the Battery Electric Vehicle platform (aka BEV3) which will be promoting their new adaptive battery architecture.

Later in January 2020, General Motors has plans to spend $2.2 billion rejuvenate its Detroit-Hamtramck factory to assemble these new BEVs exclusively. This has been the best breakthrough during the growing competition in the electric car industry. General Motors is working big times for its new electric vehicles, even after the underwhelming numbers of sales across the world.


New Electrical Vehicle Platform and Battery
New Electrical Vehicle Platform and Battery

The new battery design

General Motors is now inclined towards the new pouch cell design, which is to be made with the Ultrium Batteries providing a significant breakthrough in the growing competition in the electric car industry. This new type of battery can now be configured in different designs, which depend on the size and need of the vehicle (Trucks, Sports Utility Vehicles, commercial vehicles, cars, and crossovers).

Such as is the BEV is required for a big 4WD or an SUV, the arrangement of these pouch cells would be vertically in a module that will provide better energy density, but it would have a taller shape. These large pouches also decrease the amount of packaging required in contrast with a cylindrical battery design.

For low profile cars, the number of pouches required would be around six to 12 for a module, and those can be stacked on top of each other. A module containing up to 24 cell packs would have 200kWh, 800V battery pack with double layers would be for something that requires 1000 horsepower like the electric GMC, Hummer that was debuted at this year’s Super Bowl giving a significant head up to GM in the growing competition in the electric car industry. The smallest pack contains six module packs with 50kWh units.

These batteries also use state of the art NMCA chemistry. By this usage, the amount of cobalt content in the battery is cut down to 70% by increasing the amount of nickel and aluminum used in the formation. The amount of wiring in a pack is also reduced by 88% that could be witnessed in the current Chevrolet Bolt EV battery module.

One of the main advantages of having this battery pack is that individual battery modules can also be easily replaceable, and the new ones would be easily calibrated with the package.

Usage of these batteries into vehicles due to Growing competition in the electric car industry

General Motors has displayed ten new updated designs at the event on Wednesday amid the growing competition in the electric car industry. These cars include different brands like Cadillac and GMC that would be available for the public in spring this year. The GM’s entire electric motor car is at its prototype stages and is expected to be launched in mid-2021.

The Cadillac Lyriq and the electric Hummer are one of the first few products that would be having General Motors’s BEV3 and Ultium batteries.

Availability of these vehicles for the masses

These cars are in its concept stages, but the company is very excited and positive towards the sales of these third-generation electric vehicles in late 2020 due to the growing competition in the electric car industry. These cars will provide a much smoother driving experience and provide massive help in the reduction of the amount of global warming that is plaguing our world.

After General Motors, Tesla is also expecting to launch a new technology that would be in the league of BEV3. But other motor companies are not yet there to be thinking about them as it would require a large amount of funding to get the right battery with low overall maintenance cost consumption.

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