Greece Installed Fence and Surveillance System at Turkey Border Amid Warnings of Afghan Migrant Surge

Taliban Are Permitting Entry into Kabul Airport to Any Individual That Has a United States Passport

The government of Greece has recently installed a fence of around 40 kilometers long in the distance, along with a surveillance system that is to monitor the border shared by Greece with Turkey, amid the ongoing concerns of Afghan migrant surge due to the current crisis situation in Afghanistan as the Taliban has been able to seize control all over the country.

No allowance of immigrants

The Minister of the Citizens Protection of Greece, Michalis Chrisochoidis, stated during his visit on Friday to the region of Evros that they are unable to wait any longer, to suffer from a very probable impact of the Afghan migrant surge that is yet to come in the near future. He added that the borders of Greece would remain to be inviolable for the Afghan migrant surge as people are trying to flee from the insurgent-occupied nation.

The comments have come after the government of Turkey has called upon the other countries across Europe to show hospitality and try to take responsibility for the Afghan migrant surge, which is about to escalate in the upcoming days further.

During a telephone conversation by the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan with the Prime Minister of Greece Kyriakos Mitsotakis, he said that the sudden onset of a large number of people that are leaving Afghanistan after the Taliban forces were able to gain control over the entire government of the country as their President has fled from the region, could possibly pose a serious issue for everyone regarding their accommodation.

President Erdogan also said that the new wave of the Afghan migrant surge would become an inevitable challenge and should be dealt with the necessary number of measures in Iran and Afghanistan on time.

The rapid onset of the Taliban forces over Afghanistan has left some of the citizens of the country to start fearing for their lives and had begun to seek ways to escape from the country, often by any means that become necessary for them to help cross the borders.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Chrisochoidis state that the crisis surrounding the Afghan migrant crisis has likely created new possibilities for the residents of Afghanistan to flow amid the immigrants into Europe and settle down.

The country of Greece, which had been on the frontline during the crisis of immigrants in the year 2015, when more than one million individuals had fled from poverty and war in the region of Middle East and crossed in the European Union from Turkey, has stated that they are most likely to send back any of the Afghan citizens that have been able to arrive into Greece through illegitimate means.

Those individuals that had entered into Greece during the migrant crisis in the past recent few years back, many of those had traveled further in the northern direction throughout the region of Europe, although about 60,000 immigrants decided to remain and settle inside the country for the years to come.

In the previous year, the governing body of Athens had made a temporary block over the new applications for asylum after Turkey’s President Erdogan said that they had opened their country for all migrants that are to travel into the European Union.

Mr. Mitsotakis stated that at the time when the government of Greece has intensified the deterrence level at the shared border to its maximum capacity, along with deployment of security personnel towards the Evros land border, in order to prevent any form of Afghan migrant surge into the country.

United States evacuation process

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, has made a public acknowledgment that the mass evacuation process of the country is not without the possible risk of loss of lives. During his speech at the White House, President Biden said that the United States has been able to successfully recuse more than 13,000 individuals to date from one of the largest and the most difficult airlifts in history to help in the Afghan migrant surge.

Although the suggestion made by the President that the evacuees of the United States were not being hampered by the Taliban forces was later contradicted by his own secretary of defense. Currently, Joe Biden has faced blowback from the international government over the hostile takeover by the Taliban over Afghanistan.

Mr. Biden said that any American national that wants to come back home is allowed to return back without any contradiction.

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