Government Pingdemic Response is Chaotic and Too Late: Food Supply Firms

Food Supply Shortage is Due to Reduction in The Amount of Workforce Caused by Chaotic Pingdemic

The government is currently making multiple efforts to deal with the recent self-isolation pingdemic response, which is very chaotic and is too late, said by the food supply industry. One of the industry bodies has said that the supply companies are struggling in trying to keep the shelves at the supermarkets stocked completely with food.

The United Kingdom government has been making efforts to try to ease the workload on the employees that are required to self -isolate if they are pinged by the National Health Service Application Test and Trace, which has become a very important tool in the daily lives of the residents of the region while traveling out of their residence.

Sajid Javid, the UK Health Secretary, has said that the daily COVID-19 test is likely to help in minimizing the disruption. The quantity of individuals that have received the pingdemic response through the NHS application alert and were advised to self-isolate at their home has rapidly risen throughout the month of July as the rate of infection has again soared throughout the region and has reached a record number of 600,000 in the week till July 14.

Multiple businesses are struggling as most of their staff members have been advised to self-isolate as the rate of pingdemic response escalates.

Chaotic condition

The government has made some changes in their previous stance in the past week due to the increasing pingdemic response and made a public announcement stated that some of the staff members who have received COVID-19 vaccine comprising of two dosages at some of the critical organizations are required to take coronavirus tests to be allowed to come to the workplace, rather than keeping themselves self-isolated at home.

The Department of Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs has stated on Sunday that they have been able to contact around 500 locations that had been identified for testing of daily contact.

The test process is agreed to be rolling out to key manufacturing, the process of food products, and wholesale location across the entire chain of food supply, which is likely to be joining the large supermarket depots as a part of the first phase of the recent testing program.

The quantity of roles that have been exempted from the self-isolation protocol due to the surge in pingdemic response has also been further broadened and would be including mail dispatchers and forklift drivers.

The Federation of Wholesale Distribution’s chief executive James Bielby said that although the response from the government has been termed as too late and very chaotic. The policy concerning people who would be exempted was publicly announced on Monday, but no further details were given until several days later on Thursday.

Impact on food production

Multiple food businesses are currently unable to comprehend regarding their working employees that whether the workers could be included in the government scheme, as only about 15 supermarket distribution centers along with staff members have been added to the list till Friday.

He added that the procedure required for being on the list is hidden in the dark and believes that the government seems to be making the policy without any prior planning due to the overwhelming response of the media and the soaring pingdemic response, which is yet to be brought under control.

By allowing testing in place of just self-isolating would have been a better option if it had been implemented a couple of weeks ago during the rapid rise in pingdemic response, as now this preventive measure is too late, especially due to the fact that the self-isolation measure is supposed to ease down in the upcoming time duration of three weeks.

James Bielby also said that the pingdemic response was very bad for the entire chain of food supply, as complete factory production lines along with fleets of drivers had to be taken out, for the time being, resulting in a negative impact on food production.

As there had already been a reduction in the number of required lorry drivers as the combination of various factors, including the COVID-19 pandemic, Brexit, and changes towards the taxation of self-employment.

The pingdemic response has proven to be a greater challenge towards various businesses than the COVID-19 pandemic itself. The problems can be dealt with as long as employees are working, but the issue with the pingdemic response is that it has taken out too much workforce to keep the corporation running smoothly.

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