Google Stops Unlimited Free Photo Storage

Only Google Pixel Phone Will Be Allowed To Store Unlimited Media Content with Standard Resolution

Only Google Pixel Phone Will Be Allowed To Store Unlimited Media Content with Standard Resolution

The Google Photos will no longer provide services for unlimited free photo storage that will also have negative consequences on several other Google products, including Gmail. The unlimited free photo storage was launched by Google in 2015, promising its consumers’ unrestrained cloud options and photo storage solutions to its users.

Limiting online storage capacity

But after some time now, Google has announced to limit the storage capacity to 15 GB per account for Google photos, which would also be shared with other Google applications, including Google Drive and Gmail. IF any individual wants to further increase the default storage capacity would have to pay to enact any one of the companies provided storage plans.

This recent change regarding Google photos free storage that is currently using this service to save their photos will run out of space at a faster rate of their email storage. Although, the unlimited free photo storage reduction change would only be applicable to photos that are uploaded on the Google photos platform after June 1, 2021.

Soon after the announcement regarding the limitation on the unlimited free photo storage on Google photos, disgruntled and irritated users are now accusing Google on social media networks of using the free photos storage option as a tactic to acquire market shares from other business companies while losing money.

This recent change in the unlimited free photos storage option provided by Google for the past five years, which used to be the best online photo storage, might be due to the recently filed anti-trust charges against the tech firm by the United States Department of Justice.

The chief executive of Flickr, a photo-sharing platform and SmugMug, Don MacAskill, said in a recent tweet that the removal of unlimited free photo storage by Google photos would eventually be removed and accused the company of having monopolistic behavior towards their clients.

The latest public statement by the firm coincides with the 165 of the critics writings of Google to the European Union, asking the association to take a tougher attitude against what they believe to be unjust practices by the giant tech firm.

Unendurable growth

When Google Photos had launched its services in the year 2015, they aim to protect their client’s lifetime memories in a single space that would allow unlimited free photo storage options with extra charges. With Google Photos, users can easily backup and restore their unlimited amount of videos and photos free of cost.

In the past five years, the policy has led towards storing more than four trillion photos being stored in the online capacity, with 28 billion videos and photos being uploaded on Google Photos free storage every week.

According to the company, this new change has become an essential requirement to make sure that the product being offered to our users continues to meet the demand and needs in the long run.

Google posted a similar post, which revealed that at least 4.3 million gigabyte online storage was added every single day to store millions of user’s data on Photos, Drive, and Gmail. The unlimited free photo storage option was also one of the main highlight points in the increased selling point for all Pixel phones made by Google, as the phone provides an effortless facility to store an unlimited amount of personal photos and videos at full resolution in the Google Photos.

Other non-Pixel users of Google Photos only had the facility of unlimited free photo storage at high resolution, exempting the full resolution storage option.

Both facilitations have been downgraded by Google Corporation under the new set of rules. The Pixel owners now will still have the option for unlimited free photo storage, but at the standardized resolution, which was previously allowed to be used by every user.

Non-Pixel device owner’s Google Photos free storage capacity would return to 15 GB maximum capacity. Those users whose capacity and already increased from the 15 GB target over the past 5 years might have some of their content deleted from the online services of Gmail, Photos, and Drive.

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