Google Has Threatened Australia for Removing Search Engine

Google Would Either Negotiate For the Payment Proposal or Remove Its Services from the Region

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The global giant tech firm Google has threatened Australia to remove its search engine from the nation over the country’s attempt to make Google share the royalties with the news publishers. The government of Australia is recently working to impose a new regulatory law which would be applicable throughout the country and would make giant firms like Facebook, Google and other famous tech companies to pay the media outlets for the obtained news-related content.

Possible removal of free Google services

But as soon as the report reached, the United States tech firms have fought back with Australia, giving a warning that if the Australian government would implement this law on them, they could possibly remove some of their services that are currently being provided to the country, including Google’s search engine facility. In response to that, the Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison stated that the lawmakers would not yield to these threats given by Google for the removal of its search engine, along with other tech enterprises.

Although the country is Australia is very far from the largest market place of Google, this recent news proposal could be observed as a test case throughout the world for the procedure any country’s government could follow while seeking to regulate giant tech firms like Google or Facebook.

In case of not agreement in a mutual deal between both parties, the tech firms, including Facebook and Google could mediate negotiations with the Australian government’s code for the value of the content by the news publishers.

The managing director of Google in Australia Mel Silva said in a statement that the new regulations are unworkable, during a Senate hearing that was held on Friday. She added that if this regulatory measure is to become a new law by the Australian government, then it would cause some consequences for the country, including a possibility of removal of Google’s search engine.

But the lawmakers present for the case challenged the tech firm and even accused Google of blackmailing and bullying the country of Australia for raising the reforming law. The Senator present for the case Rex Patrick asked the managing director of Google that the reformatory law is about to go worldwide. If it becomes the case, are they willing to pull out of every market from various countries around the globe, or is this consequence placed to stop the precedence?

Mel Silva replied to the Senate that this new code had become an untenable risk for the Google operations in Australia. Mr Morrison stated that the Australian government would remain committed to the progression of this law and would be presenting it through parliament in this year.

During his public statement for the press conference, he said that the rules that are made by Australia are to be followed throughout Australia. And it is done in the parliament for the betterment of the country and its residents.

Australia’s push for the law

The search engine by Google is a dominant website across the country of Australia and has also been described by the government of the region as an essential necessity for the entire region, with minor competition in the market. According to the country’s government point of view, these tech platforms, including Facebook and Google, gain most of their clients from the individual who wants to read the latest news. And in return, these platforms should provide adequate payment for the journalism they gain without any sort of payment.

In addition to this, they have also argued that the news industry of Australia is in need of financial support as a strong and empowered medium of a country is vital to a democracy. Since the year 2005, the print media of the country have faced more than 72% in decline in the advertising revenue.

The threats given by Google government for the removal of its search engine facility from Australia are the most severe received yet. More than 12.5 % of Google searches account of the news across Australia.

The managing director for Google stated that this new code would set an untenable precedent for their business along with the digital economy; the tech firm would have to pay for all the search results and links. This model is not compatible with the free-flowing sharing of data and information online as it is not how the internet works.

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