Google Employees Who Want to Work from Home May Get A Pay Cut In US

No Change in Wages Will Occur If the Employee Is Working Remotely on A Full-Time Basis While Being in The Same City

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The employees of Google in the United States who had opted to work from home on a permanent basis may soon experience a pay cut. The tech giant has recently been able to develop a calculator for paychecks that allows employees to see the effects that are caused by them when they work from home remotely or moving offices.

Reduction in wages

Some of the working employees that have been working remotely from their residence, especially those individuals that had to undergo commutes of long durations, could possibly have a cut in their paychecks without changing address. However, this policy has only been applied in the United States, while no plans have been made for the working staff employed by Google in the United Kingdom.

The employees in several businesses have proven that applying for the work from home protocols in their business on a permanent basis has helped them to become viable during the hardships of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many of the firms are currently looking forward to checking the way their employees would start working by removing the facility of work from home once the coronavirus pandemic regresses, even as the country of United States is continuing to combat the deadly Delta variant of the COVID-19 infection.

The firms in the Silicon Valley, some of which are keen to bring back their working staff members from the previously implied work from a home model and back to their office desks, have now started to experiment with the pay structures of the employees.

Some of the big technology firms, including Twitter, Facebook, and Microsoft, have recently offered to pay less amount to their working employees, which would be based on the location of their current residence and where it is more inexpensive to live while they are utilizing the work from home benefits.

Although the smaller tech companies, like Zillow and Reddit, have given the statement saying that they will be paying the same number of wages to all of their employees irrespective of the location they work from, stating that this allows improvement in diversity.

A spokesperson from Google said that the compensation packages given by the firm to their employees have always been determined on the location, and they have always given payment to their working staff at the top level of the local marketplace, which is based on the place where the employee if from.

The recently utilized Work Location Tool by Google has been developed by the firm that would further help the employees working for them to make a completely informed set of decisions about the city and state that they are working from and the impact on the amount of compensation they would receive if they choose to work from home or relocate to a different region.

Alarming situation

One of the employees of Google, who has been working in Seattle but had to go through a two-hour-long commute on a daily basis, has filed a complaint with a news agency that she is currently facing a 10% decrease in her paycheck as she has chosen to work from home on a full-time basis due to daily hassle and time consumption. The employee said that it is as high a reduction in her paycheck as they had gotten for the most recent promotion. They did not do the hard work for their employer to get a promotion on a higher level but then suffer from a pay cut.

A sociology professor at the University of Washington in St. Louis, Jake Rosenfeld, said that the recent move by Google regarding pay cuts for personnel who work from home had raised several alarms regarding the impact that would be felt most acutely, including family members of employees.

He added that it has more much clearer that the tech giant does not have to follow through with this new protocol. Google has previously paid all of their working staff members a 100% of their prior wage amount, by definition. So, it is not like the firm has now become unable to afford the high payment for their employees who have chosen to work from home with the same amount that they have been previous given.

One of the employees of Google in Stamford, Connecticut, which is a one-hour daily commute from the New York City by subway, would be given a 15% reduction in paycheck due to utilizing the facility of work from home, while there have been about 5% to 10% differences in the areas of San Francisco, Boston and Seattle.

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