Google bans medical face masks ads globally amid coronavirus outbreak

Suspicion raised after companies selling face masks began gaining huge profit

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Coronavirus has gone pandemic and is the reason behind the widespread fear around the world. With more than eight thousand individuals affected by the novel coronavirus, the mortality rate has increased further with the total death toll around more than three thousand individuals worldwide.

Due to the fear that is associated with contacting the virus, surgical face masks were initially advised by the doctors to reduce the risk of spread and a protective device for those who were not yet affected by the epidemic. As the novel coronavirus started expanding further around the globe, there was a massive increase in the sales of these medical face masks, and companies which produce these face masks begin to profit by it, but Google bans medical face masks ads globally.

As the sales of these face masks started increasing, several new companies also started production of these masks, and their commercial ads begin to circulate in social media, especially YouTube, which helped them gain more customers. Due to the increasing number of people being infected by the virus and medical face mask companies earning profits by both hands, Google bans medical face masks ads globally, as these masks do not provide the required protection against the disease and are causing a global shortage.

Medical face masks are not available in operating rooms and several other vital places in multiple hospitals worldwide, and the consumption of these masks has increased ten folds amid the coronavirus outbreak.

The ban includes all face masks advertising

Google bans medical face masks ads globally, which is implied on all sorts of masks, including dust protection. Advertisers will see a message that will state that the candidate is not allowed to show ad in your location.

Google bans medical face masks ads globally as it falls under the category of sensitive events that fall under Google’s terms and conditions regarding suitable and appropriate advertising content. It would take a few days to remove all existing Google ads regarding medical face masks that are circulating the internet.

Reason why Google bans medical face masks ads globally

Google bans medical face masks ads globally due to the massive rise in the ads related to face masks, which were running against the novel coronavirus. The ads were containing miss leading information that would become the cause of more infection and disease spread and increase the fear factor rather than to help decrease further spreading of the epidemic.

Due to the increasing number of infected patients around the world, many scammers and misleaders are using multiple platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram to advertise false information and gaining a large amount of profit by using innocent users.

Google bans medical face masks ads globally by blocking thousands of ads since they had begun the campaign in January 2020 against the misleading ads about the preventive measures for coronavirus circulating since the start of this year. For cautionary purposes, Google bans medical face masks ads globally permanently for an indefinite period.

Google is continuously and actively monitoring the situation and take action where needed.  The restriction is only limited to face masks only but is expected to cover other protective measures, including hand sanitizers and hazmat suits.

SOS alert

Last week on Friday, the CEO of Google published a blog in which he highlighted his company’s effort regarding the novel coronavirus. Google has established a 24/7 incident response team that would provide the most recent data about the new cases of coronavirus in accordance with the World Health Organization (WHO). This will help to provide data to those who are continually searching regarding new coronavirus cases.

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